Predictions for Saturn's Transit

Saturn transits from Chitra Natchatram 2nd quarter Kanya Rasi to Chitra Natchatram 3rd quarter Thula rasi (Virgo to Libra) on Wednesday on the Swathi Star, the 21st December 2011, Ekadasi Thithi at 03 Ghatis and 29 Vighatis. Saturn will be in the house of Exaltation (Thula rasi) for about 2 and half years.

During the Saturn transit, Jupiter will also have its change from Aries to Taurus (Mesham to Rishaba) around May 2012 and again from Taurus to Gemini (Rishaba to Midhuna) during June 2013 and from Gemini to Cancer (Midhuna to Kataka) during June 2014.

Effects of Saturn on India in general

Since Saturn’s transit, the first half period in Libra will have more sufferings to the native of the world. As it is in the house of Exaltation, the malefic effect of the Saturn will be high. Many natural calamities and political changes happen to occur in general to the Indian continent. Untowards incidents for many nations are expected. A mass political change in northern part of India is expected. Many Congress leaders are having the Sade-Sati period and will be under the influence of Saturn. Opposition parties and other parties in the third front which is under the sway of Saturn will rise from June 2012. Passing out of some of the great leaders will have a negative effect on the party. Financial situation of the country will not be stable. Many foreign loans by the stunt of the political party will be a high burden to the nation. Dacoits, roberry will be on the high rise. Natural disasters are not ruled out. Eastern provinces are in the bleak situation. Commodity price rise will be total burden to the country and make the people sad. Threat to the nation will be controlled by all means possible by the Jawans in the border areas.

Effect of Saturn on USA

Political and economic crisis will come down. Lot of job opportunities will be made available. President will announce new economic policies and with the major support of the people of America, present scenario will be totally wiped out and situation will change accordingly. People of America will support the present President in all ways popular. US will invest high money in arms and ammunitions and will strengthen its power. Relations will other countries will be favourable. President will have visit to Russia and other European countries during 2012 and 2013, which will pave the way for greater economic strengthening.

Aries (Mesha)
Saturn transits to the 7th house from Aries. Its known as Kantaka sani. Signs are generally unfavourable to all Aires born people. Delay in many aspects in the way of living is expected. Expenditure shoots high, but of course will be met out from the savings on various methods. Those in good job will foresee heavy burden in work and lack promotional aspects. Unwanted delays in promotion, transfer to the place or work against the personal wish, or pay arrears are foreseen. Partners face struggle in joint ventures. Those attached with the work along with machineries shall have to pay extra attention on their work situation, else may be in a position to see some minor injuries. Those who are on the outlook for a job or transfer out of the country can expect a favourable sign to move to a foreign country. As regards understanding between the couples, lack in conjugal benefits are foreseen, which will be a major disturbance and annoying too. Those in Film industry will have more gossips on their personal life. Some people who are under the most influence of the Saturn will face criminal charges and sometimes will also lead to situation of Judicial custody.

Taurus (Rishaba)
Wow….. Taurus born will be totally in a position of all round happiness. Influences of enemies are gone and free from disturbances from life. Financial status will improve. Employees will have a good name in the book of the boss. Taurus born will have good courage all around the period. Will have good gain in business, all the surroundings will have a good impact on your lively improvements. Success in Court case and other disputes will be favourable. Those who are expecting promotional change in job of their choice, can expect during the period on a favouble and auspicious timings. Responsibilities will be bestowed on Taurus born. Conjugal benefits will be good with the spouse, and will lead to self happiness and comfort. Physically you will be attracted by good-looking people. Those who are in the pipeline for marriage, will hear the wedding bell ringing soon. Business people will see good returns on their investments. Joint ventures and partnership business will grow in a phased manner and yield high returns on their investments. Those engaged in Transport, Oil, Coal, building and labour industry will have high returns. Those on the high influence of Saturn will win the bye-elections and enjoy the power and authority back. Opportunity knocks the door for Taurus, which has to be utilized properly.

Gemini (Mithuna)

Worries will be the most concerning factor of the Geminies. All time you will disturbance on mental plane due to some reason or the other. Saturn transiting to 5th house from your sign is not a favourable sign. The aspect of Saturn on 7th sign and the 2nd house will have troublesome period for kids, life partner, loss of property, etc. Many types of obstacles, quarrels and litigation are foreseen. But, you will have to fight hard to overcome all these issues as you will have courage to face the challenges. The second half of the transit will give prosperity to the businessmen and will have normal steady of income growth. A real friend in life will help you in all your grim situations. Some sort of illness will prevail in the family with your spouse, which will be sorted out. Over work load will be a constraint to Gemini born native. Gemini born who are in government service can expect a change of place in work environment after prolonged period, but with a enhanced salary package. Students will shine in their examinations with working hard in their studies, but have to overcome their fear and depression. Some who are expecting their success love, can expect for a wedding affair. It is better advised to avoid difference of opinion with the family members, especially with better half and with the kids. Avoid heated arguments. Inimical activities are foreseen in work environment, which makes totally unpleasant in the working atmosphere. In total the transit of Saturn to 5th house will be a mixed bag of the success and failures.

Cancer (Kataga)
Transit of Saturn from 3rd house to 4th house from your sign is totally unfavourable. It is known as ArthAshtama Sani or Kantaka Sani. Many domestic trouble will be thrown, which has to be met out amicably. Challenges in life are foreseen, which is known as the testing period in life. Those who are in the first circle of the Saturn need worry of this transit. But those in the second circle of the transit will face some sort of disturbance in day to day life, will have disturbance in the mind peace. But all these are foreseen on the second half of the transit. Relax. First half of the Saturn transit will be little favourable to the native of Cancer born, as the transit of Jupiter will have a relief on you. All the cancer born are advised not for a look out of the change of house or purchase of movable or immovable property, which will create unwanted court cases with the documents you hold. Disturbance in work environment is foreseen with unexpected transfer policies due to the impact of Saturn. Illness will lead to apply leave and take treatment for prolonged diseases. Many will have a transfer on their job against their wishes. Entertainment with family on tour and picnics will be a much relaxed state on mental plane. Distraction in studies will prevail to students. But with little concentration on their studies will lead to foreign chances of higher studies and better work environment. Those who are on the wedding period, will have on the first half of the transit. Women at work will have safe period with no disturbance in work force. Financial status will not be a ups and downs during this period. Stable income and stable movement of goods are foreseen. Businessmen will find unwarranted and unwanted delay in shipping the good, purchase or implementing the projects. . A meager and marginal increase in financial status is expected in the trade. Those who are having litigations or facing court trails will come out successfully with no charges. Visit to Sani Bagwan temple once during the saturn’s period will be good along with the darshan of Shiva.

Leo (Simha)
Those who were at the hold of the Saturn’s Sade-Sati are relieved now, and the present transit from 2nd sign to 3rd sign of Leo can expect very good results in life. Those who were denied promotion, or those who are in search of job and abroad assignments can have a good state during this transit. Also Jupiter’s transit will add additional benefits in life. All trouble arised out of unwanted disturbance in family and court cases are vanished and will find happy prevailing situations. Self-confidence will double to overcome any sort of issues. Lost name and fame are restored. Purchase of movable properties, immovable properties, and lost properties will be made available during the period. Those who were worried for the past 2 years with disturbance in the family/spouse/children will have a happy period with lot of happiness around them. All long pending dues and bills will be settled. Abroad opportunities will knock the door, which paves a good base for settling in life. Those who are in temporary status in job will get permanent engagement. Many will be having a good name in the book of the boss. All business transactions will be successful during the period. Media people will have good period, success and box-office hit are expected for the artists. Partners will be good and have success ventures. Financial status will improve at large. Students will shine well in their studies, and have success in their competitive examinations. Women will decorate their house according to their needs, and will have a pat on their back for all their doings. Those in employment, can expect a pay arrears during the period. In total LEO born are to enjoy a happy life during this period.

Virgo (Kanya)

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Virgo born are still under the hold of Saturn even it transits from Janma rasi to 2nd sign Libra. Quarrels are expected within the family members and also in work environment due to loose talks, which disturbs the domestic life totally. This also leads your dragging into prolonged controversies. You will have to work hard to safeguard your assets and properties, by spending huge amount. All your savings during the past will gush out in one way or the other. Bank balance will be below normal conditions and overdue is expected. Infiltration in land will lead to court and disputes. Mental troubles will be little high during the period. Since Saturn is transiting to 2nd house, your physical health, especially eye should be taken care. 2nd half of the Saturn transit will be totally favorable to the Virgo born. High yields in business income are foreseen. Businessmen will flourish during the 2nd half of the transit. All promotions which is due will be postpones. Workload and work environment will make you restless and shoulder more responsibilities, which leads to unfavorable surrounding with workers and staff. Avoid heated disputes in work place. Due to overdue, many will sell out their shares and debentures to meet out the unwanted or unexpected expenses. Many cannot have a sanction of loan, which was expected. Some, who are on the pursuit of law, will have relief on the 2nd half of the transit period. Avoid speculations, which make a hefty loss and leads to ill health. Some who are hospitalized on prolonged illness will have safe return during the 2nd half. Students have to work hard for their studies. Absence of mind at time of study will prevail, which leads to laziness in their home works. Some will have failures in abroad studies or foreign assignments. Work environment will be good during 2nd half of the transit for working women. Chant Saturns moola mantra to have peace of mind during the 1st half of the transit.

Thula [Libra]
Many Librans find not a going a easy way during this Sade-Sati. But all dues which are due to them can be received during the first half of the period. Some may file cases against you for corruption and small other cases. Politicians shall face severe hardships in this period. All may expect a change in the work place against their wishes, with increase in traveling to long places. Who foresee problems at workplace with opposite sex will come to an end due to this. Business people face lot of troubles from workers, delay in projects, delay in getting payment for the work executed, etc. First half will be better for earning good profit, but the second half leads to misunderstanding between the partners. Librans should take utmost care in maintaining their income-expenditures. Emotional and Physical disturbances are most likely to happen. As Saturn is exalted, you will be in a position to overcome all the disturbances with full courage. As far as this transit for student is concerned, utmost concentration on studies, will definitely help to come up in life, so that in future, it will lay a foundation to move abroad for higher studies or work purposes. Women in general will have many disputes with the dear ones for silly reasons. Those who are on the high impact of Saturn, foresee delay in marriage. Others shall expect good partner proposals and wedding knots. In total, this period will be a totally mixed trend. A good remedial measure would be to chat Panchaksari Mantra many times a day.

Vrichigam [Scorpio]
Saturn is deposited @ 12th house for Scorpio. Aspect of Saturn will be on 2nd house Saggitarius, 6th house Aries, and 9th house Cancer. This is not a favourable aspect of Saturn. Since Saturn is aspecting 2nd house, there will a unwanted disputes with all the family members in the period. Also, some of house materials would be stolen if not properly taken care. Should have an eye on the servants working at home. Decisions will be delayed for some reason or other. Some will be on the firm decision making in shifting of house and family to far off places. Impact of secret enemies are foreseen. Beware. As far as personal life is concerned, a discipline or a code of conduct on the way of living is maintained, then no disturbances are foreseen. Else, will lead to financial loss and stress. Due to this, medication may be required, and even some will be forced for bed rest. Partners will be always ups and downs during the period, like waning and waxing moon. Childrens will shine well in exams, and one will be on the books of good Students. Pregnant women should be totally careful, as this will have high impact on progeny, some may face abortion and other technical issues with their baby. Relax, don’t forget that you are in the impact of Saturn and take right decision at right time. Some at workplace will face fraud cases due to others like misappropriation of funds, etc. Avoid illegal contacts with opposite sex at case, which is not favourable. If you foresee total stress, move with family to some picnic spots, which will be a total relaxation. Or move to some relations house, whom you want to meet and which is pending for long time. In total, this period will a high ups and High downs. Chant Gayatri of Saneeswara 27 times a day for the entire period of transit, which will sure help in distress.

Dhanusu (Sagittarius)

Transit at 11th house from your moon sign, Saturn will have all kind of Happiness in life for the next two and half years. Promotion with transfer at the place which you have expected is likely foreseen. You will enjoy real happiness in life either in workspot or with family. Businessmen will flourish with encouraging profits. Happiness with life partners will be a memorable one. Some facing court cases, can feel relief from the cases and will have high contacts with Higher-ups in their course of life. Some Issues which are long-pending will be fulfilled with amicable solutions. Unwanted delay in all sort of life which has been faced for the past 2 years are put down and real growth may be foreseen. Some who are in the pipeline of purchasing fixed properties can see upward trend. Some of the basic needs are fulfilled without hurdles. Students will shine in their studies with good marks and stand good in competitive examinations. Those who are willing to go abroad for job or studies can do in this period. Singles who are ready to mingle can see this happening without delay. But do not forget to worship Shiva, who is the cause of all your happiness.

Makaram (Capricorn)
Capricon born could not find this as a Best period in life, as the transit of Saturn goes to 10th house from your sign. Attention always in work, is the best method to overcome displeasures, and put more efforts to be in the good book of the employer. Some may have difference of opinion in the work and may be transferred to other place against your wish. Health, partners health are somewhat disturbed and it will be necessary for both of them to have medication. Domestic worry shoots up. Some may face rough weather in their life due to the Saturn transit. Businessmen will have hurdle from partners and loss of business due to pressure from various sides, viz, vendors, sellers, purchasers and financiers. Some have to work hard to overcome all these hurdles, else which may lead to complicated raids and notices from the law enforcers. Businessmen will face difficulties in getting loans, even students struggle for their educational loans being denied in some cases. Students who are bright can foresee little downward trend due to distraction in mind due to the effect of saturn’s rays. Many unwanted expenditures are foreseen during the period, and women in particular will have lavish spending to their household materials. It is advisable for some, to go for wearing a gem of Saturn, which may have a slight relief. Some can definitely visit Shiva Temples and worship Sani bhagwan during Saturdays.

Kumbam (Aquarius)
First and foremost for the Aquarians foreseen is loss of money. If Saturn is a malefic palent in the native’s chart, definitely, the period is not so good to that native. But since its transiting to its exalted state in 9th house from Kumbam, all would be capable of making right decisions in life for a smooth sailing. But some would see that their decisions are not accepted at any case, but you can see all your desires are fulfilled without delay. Many have to take care of the health of the father. If Saturn is a benefic planet in the chart, those can see support from all your friends and partners in all the period of transit. But the second half is not favourable in such cases. Many can foresee certain cases not favourable on them. Businessmen will have normal course of sailing with ups and downs during the transit period. Moderate returns are expected and it is advised not to invest in new ventures. Since Saturn is transiting to Venus house, Actors and Artists born in Kumba rasi can foresee their shining prospects in their life. Eventhough students may not perform well in studies, they can see enthusiastic results in their competitive examinations and get good marks scored. But more effort and good studies will yield foreign chances. As far as women in general are concerned, can see frequent traveling during the period and happy conjugual benefits. Long pending dues are collected and no arrears are left out. I shall advise Aquarians to worship Lord Shiva in all Mondays chanting Guru Gayathri mantras, to reduce the malefic effect of Saturn to the native.

Meenam (Pisces)
Pisces born can see unfavourable results for this Saturn transit. First loss of property or money is definitely foreseen. Many meenam born may either have minor accidents in life or can foresee some chronic ailments and treatments. Extreme caution is necessary while driving vehicles with family. Better to engage drivers while traveling on own vehicles during long distances. Though flow of income in various sides are foreseen and not bad, financial crunches will be foreseen in times of need. Desire on conjugal benefits will be curtailed, due to some reason or other. Some may have small small health issues, which can be overcome with treatments. Some will have promotions and transfers, while others can see some hardship in work environments. But in spite of all obstacles, you will shine in work and due promotion and proper salary package is hiked at appropriate time. Responsibility will increase due to this, which will be handled in perspective manner. Advisable not to venture into new business. Hardwork will definitely pave way for success. Political support for those who are in near with the politicians will have good name and growth. It is advisable to have smooth relations with co-workers to reduce the impact of Saturn on you. Students who are attempting for overseas studies will face some hardship. But don’t worry, your full concentration and efforts will surely give good results at the end. Pisces born are advised to avoid heated arguments with life partners, workers and at work place, especially with women, which will yield disturbances in life. I shall advice all Pisces born, to perform Abishegam / Archana in Shiva Temples without fail in their natchatras once in 6 months, which will yield best results.