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Thread: Easy Sanskrit Slokas with simple meanings

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    Post Easy Sanskrit Slokas with simple meanings

    We are glad to give to our Sankskrit Loving Members some interesting three slokas every day.There are 210 slokas in this collection. They are taken from a good variety of sources - Subhashitas, Sir Bhagavat Gita, Upanishad etc. We hope they will satisfy many tastes from the point of view of sound, sense and sentiment and those who are religious and spiritual minded will also find food for their appetites.India is in need of coming closer to Sanskrit which is the eternal source of all that we are in Spirit, culture, civilisation and actual life. The simple and variously interesting Slokas that we have in this series are expected to resound in the truly Indian Heart.How foreign countries propagate the study of Sanskrit whose value they have come to recognise while we, in India, remain so backward even in this vital matter.Kind enough to understand the pains behind this service, we never mind about the amount, time and labour spent on this, but we mind about the response from people for which we are struggling sincerely and seriously. So, Guest visitors are requested to register and sign in to read this content, and members are requested to log in to read and we expect at least a simple comment everyday to acknowledge the service.So, kindly subscribe this forum to get the updates through email regularly. You can subscribe for any thread by clicking the "Thread Tools" above the thread and click on "Subscribe to this Thread" to do so.Now you can click this button to subscribe this thread. There will be lot of difference in reading the content online and via email because, the format in this forum is totally different from the content of email when it is sent.Go to next thread to read the today's slokas.thanks and regards,

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