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Many may know about the availability and worth of Paranthaman Panchangam, which we are releasing as
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The size and content of this Panchangam is its highlight.
Excluding the wrapper, there are 20 small pages (5 sheets of A4 paper folded in to make a book).
Within this small book we have covered a lot of useful contents as listed here under:
Box:1 Content Index.
Box:2 Usage, important info, contact details.
Box: 3 Names of 60 Tamil years and corresponding English year matching 1940 to 1998
Box: 4 Quick table for Numerology.

Box:1 Table to find Current year Dates of important religious days such as: Chaturti,Shasti, Ekadasi, Amavasai ...
Box:2 Panchagam - which is an important factor to determine the muhurta days. How to fix, calculate etc.
Box 3. Rasi Manam - A table for time duration of 12 lagnas, by adding these lagnas to surya udayam, first lagna remaining time, can get the starting and ending timings of lagnas for any particular day. It is also given under every page of Panchangam from chitrai to Panguni.
Box: 4 Hora - A hora duration is 1 hour, 7 horas repeatedly takes place - hora is one of the cause for
good and bad result.

Page 5
Panchangam is starting from this page. Panchangam for the month of Chitrai.
All timings in this panchangam are given in 30 hours format, in this 30 hours format starting time is 6 am the end time is 29.59 . To easily identify and difference from after 1 O clock - mentioned as 13.00 and Midnight 1 O clock mentioned as 25.00 so there will be no confusion.
Box 1 contains 12 columns for the following details.
Tamil date, English date, Day, religious symbol to identify the day's importance, Thithi and its end time(in 30 hours format), Star and end time, yogam, starting lagnas remaining time, Shradhdha thithi, hint about the day's ritual-religious importance.
These above will be given in 30 to 32 rows.
After that Rasimanam to find out the lagnas as mentioned previously.
Box 2
Selected Muhurtams of that month.
In this list of muhurthams Tamil date, English date, day, Valar Pirai or They Pirai, Star, Muhurta time,
lagnam, suitable for what functions, suitability index number to find that muhurtham is suitable for whom.

Box 3
Current month Rasi box to denote the positions of grahas and its changing date if any inside the box.

The remaining white space will be filled with lot of useful contents about what, why, how, when etc.
Panchanga shastras, Important Dharma sastras, Theetu vishayam, masikam help, Upakarma sankalpam,
Gayathri Sankalpam etc.
Page 6 As above for the month of Vaikasi
Page 7 As above for the month of Aani
Page 8 As above for the month of Aadi
Page 9 As above for the month of Avani
Page 10 As above for the month of Purattasi
Page 11 As above for the month of Iypasi
Page 12 As above for the month of Karthigai
Page 13 As above for the month of Margazhi
Page 14 As above for the month of Thai
Page 15 As above for the month of Masi
Page 16 As above for the month of Panguni

Current (Nandana) year Punyakalams and sankalpams for pitru tarpanam like Masa pirappu,
Amavasai, Mahalaya paksham 16 days, Grahanams etc.
Page -18
Box 1: Gowri Panchangam to find good time of a day.
Box 2: Chandrashtam details
Box 3: All 12 Rasis and stars, Paadams, uchcha, neecha, pagai, smam details.

Page 19
Next year (2013-2014) Muhurtha days and Rasi box to know the grahas position upto December.

Page 20
Box 1: Current year complete dates to easily find out the pitru shradha thithi date.
Box 2: Grahanams of the year and instructions to follow on Grahana days.

Page 21
What are all the conditions to fix a best muhurtham and what are all the conditions to do for more than 20 different occasions. How to select a good day. This is the secret of fixing muhurtham which astrologers
will not teach / educate others and many will not say what conditions they are checking to fix days.

Page 22
Box 1: Rahu, Yamakanda, Guligai. Vaara soolai table and pariharam for Soolai on days.

Box 2: Surya Udayam time for Chennai and corrections for other few major cities of Tamilnadu.

Box 3: In an urgent, no need to consult an astrologer or anybody, here is a quick table of
good time for week days. It is made by checking and eliminating all bad elements like Rahu,
Yamakanda, Pancha Pakshi, Hora etc. It can be used well when a thing which does not
required to check for particular yogam, panchagam, lagnam etc.
It can be used for : To start talking about a good thing, printing of invitations, purchasing of
cloths, vessels, jewels, vehicles, signing of agreement, filling of applications, filing petition,
remitting exam fees, registration of property, ordinary milk boiling, nichayadhartham etc.

Box 4: Stars and letters to put name starting letters according to star of baby.

Box 4a: A small info about which is no dhosham.

Box 5: This is the highlight of this panchangam it is called Porutha chakram table.
It is a constant one for everybody. By understanding this, everybody can easily fix muhurthams and
fix good days without consulting astrologer.

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