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A related question:
I am given to understand that during Margazhi, two aradhanams are to be performed, one before sunrise (dhanur masa) and the usual one, after sunrise (ijyai).
Is there any difference in procedure between the two apart from the Sankalpam?

And what is the significance of the dhanur masa aradhanam?

You are right. Two Aradhanams are to be performed for this month. For the Dhanurmasa Aaradhanam, you have do sankalam as "SRI BHAGAVATHAGNYA SRIMANN NARAYANA PREETHYARTHAM DHANURMAASA AARADHANAM KARISHYE" and similary while doing Mantrasanam, you should recite (after offering Thiruttula to Perumal)... CHAAPAMASAM GATHE BANOU USHAH KAALOYA YAAGATHAHA (in place of IGGYAA KALA SRUTHEEYOYAM...). Moreover for Saatumirai, you have to say SITRAM & VANGA paasurams followed by Andals Vaazhi Thirunaamam and then to do harathy by reciting that days paasuram. Finally recite Godha Stuthi (after Desika Mangalam & Aacharya Thaniyans). The other procedures remain unchanged.

For Ijjya Aaradhanam, you should do saatrumurai with Desika Prabandham and in place of Pallandu, please recite VAAZHI ARULAALAR... pasuram but you should not take any pasuram from 4000.

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Srikanth dAsan
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