Mahaswamigal was suffering from some pain in the back of His
neck. Dr Badrinath who had just operated on Him for cataract
suggested that Dr Kalyanaraman examine Him for suspected spondylosis and its treatment. One afternoon he arrived at His camp in Sholapur.

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After lunch he was taken to His presence and was told that He was suffering from high fever in addition to the neck pain.

Swamigal gave him permission to examine Him. Dr Kalyanaraman did a
namaskaram first. He asked him why he did a namaskaram.

He replied, “Before I examine every patient in my clinic, I perform namaskarams mentally to you and pray that the patient should be cured. When You Yourself are my patient now, to whom can I pray, except you, that I should be successful in my treatment?”

Swamigal smiled and said, “Go ahead”.

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After completing the examination, he found that His temperature was
105 degrees fahrenheit. He hesitatingly told Him, “Periyavaal is having
high fever. Will it be possible to avoid cold water bath for a day or two
until the fever subsides?”.

Swamigal replied, “How can that be done? Yesterday was Chandra
grahanam and I performed Grahana Snanam last night at the time of
eclipse with the same fever”!

Dr Kalyanaraman was aghast at His reply and said, “ Iswara, how can Periavaal’s physical system withstand such strain?”

HH asked, “Do you know how Grahana Snanam is performed?”

“ I do not know”, said the Doctor.

HH said, “ You have to hold your nostrils and take a dip in the river
till the whole head is fully immersed in the water”.

The Doctor was aghast and stunned to hear this.

Then Mahaswamigal added, “Not once da, but 108 times!”. (oru thadavai ille da, 108 thadavai)

(I sort of imploded on hearing this the first time)

The Doctor nearly fainted and said, “What treatment can a mere mortal like me give You! Only Lord Shiva, whose incarnation You are, is protecting Your body despite 108 head dips in the river with a temperature of 105 degrees. I can only pray to Lord Shiva to keep You in good health for our sake, for many more years to come”

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