Sri NVS swamin,
Dhanur sankramanam occurred in the evening on Dec 16. Temples started the sava kalam from Dec 17.
some people recited the first pasuram of Tiruppavai -1 on Dec 16th in the evening. Can we start any time after the sankramanam? What is prescribed time? Also mostly dhanur masam has only 29 days, not 30 days. Hence the 30th pasuram is recited on last day in margazhi to conclude all pasurams in Margazhi. Again what is the correct way? There is no consistency. In US, as per vakhya panchangam dhanur masam sankramanam occurred at 9 AM on Dec 16. As per ganitha panchangam (most temples use), the sankramanam occurred at 3.30 AM.
The temples started dhanur masa seva kalam at 5/6 AM on Dec 16 2011 regardless time of sankramanam.
Because of anadyayana kalam (from Dec 9), nalayiram divya prabandam cannot be recited any time unless there is a adyayana utsavam. There is more confusion.
What is the correct?

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