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    Sri Uyyavantha Perumal Temple -Thiruvithuvakkodu

    About the Temple & Location:

    This sthalam is found in between Shoranoor to Kallikkottai, next to Pattambi. We can also reach this sthalam by traveling through Shoranoor to Guruvayoor and one has to travel around 10 miles. While traveling in train, we have to get down in Pattambi railway station which is on the Shoranoor – Kallikkottai lane and after traveling 2 miles, we can reach this sthalam. Lodging facility in Pattambi is available.

    This sthalam is popularly called as “Anjumoorthy Koil”.

    Sthlapuranam :

    It is said that this sthala Emperumaan is kept in the Agraharam (Where all Vaishnavas live in a some place all together) in Vithukodu and after sometime, he is changed to this place. This sthalam also explains about the unity of Vaishnavam and Saivam.

    As soon we enter this sthalam, we can see a separate sannadhi for Lord Shiva and behind this is the Sannadhi for Uyyavantha perumal.

    This sthala perumal is also called with the name “Abhaya pirathan” giving his seva and protecting (Abhayam) his bhaktas. It is said that this sthala perumal is said to be same as the amsam of Lord Shiva with the name “Aabhathsagaayar”. (Abhath means danger and Sagaayar means person who helps at the time of danger).

    Sri Uyyavantha Perumal Temple-Thiruvithuvakkodu

    This sthala perumal gave his prathyaksham for Ambhareeshan. Ambhareesh is the son of Nabhakanan and who is a great king. He was a great Vishnu bhakta and once he did a tapas against Vishnu and at that time, Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan came there as “Devendran Indiran”. Seeing Devendran, Ambhareeshan told that he didnt do the tapas to see Indra, he did that to get the dharshan of Sriman Narayanan. On hearing this, the Emperumaan seeing his bhakti towards him, showed his original roopan and gave him lots of Varams.
    Once, Ambhareeshan did fasting (Viradham) towards Emperumaan on all EkAdasi. He gave 60 cows and after Ekaadasi, he finishes the Viradham by doing Paarayanam (devoting the perumal and then eating) on Dvadasi. Same way, once he did this Viradham and was waiting for some Narayana Bhaktas, so that he may give them the food and then he can eat. At that time, he saw Duruvaasa, Duruvaasa said that he will accept the food from Ambhareeshan after bath. So, he went to Kalathi river and asked Ambhareeshan that he should finish the fasting only after he comes. Duruvaasa muni went to the river for bathing but didn’t come up till the end of Dvadasi. But, Ambhareeshan had to finish the Viradham by taking some food (or) water. At the end time of Dvadesi, Ambhareeshan could not wait for Duruvaasa Muni and took some water and finished the Viradham.

    On seeing this, Durvaasa muni got angry on him and sent an arakkan (demon) to kill. But, Ambharees with the help of Vishnu chakkaram killed the Arakkan. Duruvaasa muni felt bad for his act and blessed Ambhareesh.

    Ambhareesh asked this sthala perumal that he should get the dharshan of the perumal in Viyugha Avathaar (perumal should be seen in all the directions) and as requested by Ambhareesh, this sthala perumal, Uyyavantha perumal gives his seva in all the 4 directions. The perumal in the center is worshipped by Dharma, the west directional perumal is worshipped by Arjuna, the left side perumal is worshipped by Bheema and the perumal in the right side is worshipped by Nakula and Sahadeva. So, this perumal is worshipped by all the Panja Pandavas and it is one of the historical issue that is explained.

    And this sthalam is said to be the Mukthisthalam of Ambhareesh.

    There is some similar issues that is found to be common with this divyadesam and Thiruchitrakooda divyadesam. In both these divya desam, the perumal is found in Vyuha avatar by giving their seva in Nindra Thirukkolam in this sthalam and pallikonda thirukkolam in Thiruchitra koodam. In both of this sthalam, the perumal is said to be the amsam of Lord Shiva and Thiruchitrakoodam is said to have the relation with Ramayan and this sthalam is said to have the relation with Mahabarath.

    In Thiruchitrakoodam, Thirumangai alwar does the Mangalasasanam of the perumal using Sankara barana Ragam and likewise this sthala perumal is done the Mangalasasanam by Kulasekara Alwar with the same sankara Bharana Ragam.

    The Moolavar of this sthalam is Uyyavantha Perumal. He is in Nindra Thirukkolam facing his thirumugham along the south direction. He is also named as “Abhayapirathan”. The perumal is prathyaksham for Ambhareesh.


    Vithuvakkottu Valli is the Thaayar in this sthalam. Also called as “Padmapaani Naachiyaar”.


    Kulasekara Alwar – 10 Paasurams.
    Total 10.

    Chakkara Theertham.

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