Why should we Hindus immerse the ashes of the deceased in water?

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After the body is cremated, immersion of the ashes in water is spiritually the best way of disposing of the ashes. The reasons for this are as follows:

1.It is easier for ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) to gain control of the ashes and the subtle body and misuse it. This is especially so when they find the ashes all together in one place in the ground. By immersing the ashes in water, they are dispersed and hence unavailable to the ghosts in a collected form to gain control of.

2.As water is all-assimilating, it imbibes the distressing vibrations remaining from the dead body in the ashes and the other Absolute Cosmic elements related to the subtle body like Absolute Earth, Fire, Air element etc. This helps to break the remaining attachment of the subtle body to its physical body on Earth. As a result, the probability of the subtle body getting stuck in the Earth plane as well as that of being attacked by ghosts is dramatically reduced.

3.The demerits (sins) of the person add to the subtle basic raja-tama frequencies of the ashes. By scattering the ashes of the deceased in the water, the demerits i.e. the raja-tama frequencies related to the demerits are washed into the water.

4.Sea water is the best for disposal of ashes. This is because sea water has the maximum all-assimilating property among all types of waters. Amongst other waters, holy rivers are the best. Holy rivers are those rivers whose waters have a very high content of subtle basic sattva component. For example, in rivers like the Ganges in India the subtle basic sattva component is high despite the water being heavily polluted. In general, flowing water is the best as it scatters the ashes thus making it near impossible for the ghosts to gain control on the subtle body through the ashes.

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