Residential Plots For Sale

As a primary source for funding the entire Township, establishment of the proposed institutions and creating a Corpus Fund for the Trusts long term activities, residential plots are being offered for sale to individuals of Brahmin Community alone, irrespective of sects, sub-sects, sampradaya, traditions, affiliations or linguistic groups.

The first batch of Membership & Plot Applications ( 500 no.s) was launched on Ugaadi ( 23/03) and was closed on 16/4/12, owing to overwhelming response. The Members comprise of eminent individuals from all walks of life including Retd. Govt.Officials, Professors, Scientists, Advocates, Doctors, Vedic Scholars, Architects, Engineers, CAs, CEOs, etc.

The second batch of Membership & Plot Applications are being offered by way of absolute sale, the buyers shall have full rights of alienation by way of sale, gift, will, etc.
All Residential Plots are of 1500 Sq.Ft. area with uniform dimensions of 30 X 50.

Each applicant shall contribute Rs. 501,116/- towards the following:

Cost of residential plot of 1500 Sq.Ft. including development charges - Rs.4,45,000/-
Corpus Fund donation to the Trust - Rs. 51,116/-
Corpus Fund of Owners Welfare Association - Rs. 5,000/-

The Payments shall be made along with Application Form ONLY by way of Account Payee Cheques/ Demand Draft payable at Bengaluru, drawn in favour of SHANKARA AGRAHARAM for Rs.501,116/-

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