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sir, one masikam will come on 23-04 2018 and varushaapthiikam will come on 23-05-2018. 0n 23-11-2017 you may do oona masikam provided your birth star has not fallen on that day and on 27-11-2017 you may do masikams combine d for 6months 6+2=8 sastrikals. are required. oona masikam must be done only on the prescribed dates.

correct varushapthikam dates can be gven only after the arrival of new panchangam. your shastrikal has given correct information to you.

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But it is not correct to do oona masikam by your younger brother. In the month of june itself if your brother has got" kai pil" from you he can do. otherwise you must appear in skype on those days at the correct time and chant the mantras chanted by your sastrikal then your brother can do it. physically. here.
There is no provision in shastras to get Kaipil (கைப்பில்) from an eligible male to other male even though he is his own blood brother to do any type of karma including masikam, shradham etc.

In a logical way (not as per shastra) it is better doing through skype because at least two (ear and eyes) of his (kartha's) sense organs taking real presence to participate in the karma, so it can be considered.