What is this word Dharma which is commonly used by us on many occasions? Let me share my understanding of the word. Dharma is the moral values are inherent in creation.
Dharayati iti dharmaha, which translates as "Dharma is that which upholds".
But in Tamil is is called Aram (அறம்)

In the Mahabharata, Yudhistira asks Bhishma Pitamaha to explain the meaning and scope of Dharma. Bhishma replies:

Tadrisho ayam anuprashno yatra dharmaha sudurlabaha
Dushkamha pralisankhyatum tatkenatra vysvasyathi
Prabhavarthaya bhutanam dharmapravachanam kritam
Yasyat prabhavasamyuktaha sa dharma iti nischayaha.

It is most difficult to define Dharma. Dharma has been explained to be that which helps the upliftment of living beings. Therefore, that which ensures the welfare of living beings is surely Dharma. The learned rishis have declared that that which sustains is Dharma.

Again in the Karna Parva, in Mahabharata Lord Krishna explains Dharma to Arjuna in the following words:
Dharanat dharma mityahu dharmo dhara-yate prajaha
Yat syad dharanasamyuktam sa dharma iti nischayaha.

Dharma sustains the society. Dharma maintains the social order. Dharma ensures well being and progress of humanity. Dharma is surely that which fulfills these objectives.

It is the Cosmic order that none can isolate themselves. Whole universe is sustained by this discipline. It is also the Vedic idea of Ritam. Individuals have to conform to a certain universal order of behavioral norms, to contribute in the sustenance and the upliftment of societal order and thus the society itself. On the other hand, if any of the universal norms are transgressed, then a chain of actions and reactions takes place, creating chaotic disorder and destruction.

I shall feel happy to hear from other members on this subject.

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