Hello Mama,

How are you ?
... ... regarding the new development 'article'

I saw that mama but I think the first one which we were using before is the best. I feel.
Because, you see, yesterday you asked me some doubt and I replied. but I cant see that, on the top of the forum. If it was like before, someone can see that. Is it now?

So I think it is better to make that thread as before. so that 'sticky' will appear on the top of the forum and many can see that. Like that who ever answer a question or participate in one particular thread , it will come top of the forum. Correct?

Please mama do the needful. I think I explained well. or otherwise, please let me know, I will explain again

with warm regards,

With the feedback response received
I have reverted it to the previous method.
thank you Krishnamma.

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