Bruhaspathi swamin
I want to know if u can start a web service on a daily basis! I shall explain. If I can give the country name, state, and the place of residence the detailed version of the Panchangam of that date or month should come in computer or mobile phone. There in one website like that called "" in USA. Also there are lot of software for jathakam in Tamil nadu. If u also
develop one software people known to you are sure to buy it from you. U can devlope the software both as per Dhruk and Vakyam. By the way which one do you follow and why? Because there is stong sentiments among Josyars as to which one
is correct. Some say the Maharishis who hv propagated the jyothisha sasthram are thrikala ngyanis and therefore must hv
given the correct way of calculation and the others think that days are changing therefore position of a graha could also
change slightly and with lot of technical advancement, which was not avlble in those days, Dhruk ganitham is more accurate.

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