Srimathey Narayanaya Nama:

Adiyen's sister's husband's Shashtiaptha Poorthi is to be celebrated during Mid October 2011. They have only One son - unmarried and they have no daughter.

Myself is the eldest only son in my family and have many sisters. My father attained acharyan thiruvadi 24 yrs back and my mother recently 3 months back - and as such no one to guide on the sampradayams.

I have to give Seer varisai to my sister's house for the Shashtiapthapoorthi - its clear - otherwise normal to buy Dresses for the couple and present.

What I want to know is:

a. Whether i shall give Pudavai Veshti + pushpam idhyathi along with Mangalyam, metti Paruppu thengai and pushpa maalai? OR ONLY Dresses

b. OR Mangalyam Metti maalai and dresses - paruppu thengai etc. are to be bought by their own son.

Shall be grateful for clarifiaction.

Thanks and regards
adiyen Ramanujadasa Chari