Thiru Kacham Kurichi - Maha Vishnu temple, Palakkad, Kerala.

One of amazing temples to be visited in Kerala, this trip.. After we had the darshan at Pallasena - Meenkulathi Amman Bhagavathy temple - we noticed a signboard of this temple - Thiru KachamKurichi Mahavishu temple - which is just around 7 kms from Pallasena - and decided to drive down to have a darshan.. And it was a feast to our eyes and soul!

Thiru-Kachamkurichi, an ancient place of worship, is situated at the foot of the Anamalai range of the Western Ghats, at the village of Payyalur, edging the township of Kollengode, in Kerala.

It is believed, that when Parasurama threw his axe in an arc across the seas and created Kerala, he also cleaved the great Western Ghats with the same axe, dividing and sweeping them from left to right into two ranges – ‘Thenmala’ and ‘Vademala’. Geographically known as the Palakkad Gap, this place, in myths and legends, has been referred to as ‘Vidharanabhoomi’ (the land that was split)

Attracted by the serenity and breath-taking beauty of the hills and forests of these high ranges,Sage Kashyapa, an ardent devotee of 'Vishnu' chose to meditate here, at the hill of Govindamala. The Lord is said to have appeared before him and the idol of Mahavishnu was consecrated by Sage Kashyapa himself.

The idol is ‘Daaru Vigraham’ – of sacred wood - which is very rare. On the same pedestal as the deity, visible to the viewer only through reflective mirrors, are the images of Sridevi and Bhoodevi – consorts of Vishnu. All around are carved the Devas and Rishis – spectators and attendants at the ‘heavenly audience’.

The Deity of Thiru-Kachamkurissi is ‘Chaturbahu’ Mahavishnu, holding Sankhu, Chakra, Gada and Padma. He is seen, seated on the coils of Ananta, in ‘Chakravarthy’ posture – akin to Sri Rama at his Pattabhishekham.

The main prasadam in the temple is the "Adiya Ennai" which is the abshikem oil (gingelly oil), which is said to have miraculous cure for ailments. The gopuram is round like an umbrella and the main shrine is ciruclar (like Vadukkanthan temple). Amazing Kerala murals on the outer circumference depict the story of Ramayana - right from Puthra kameshti yagam to Sri Rama Pattabhiskem.

A visit to this temple will definitely make you regenerated..

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