adiyen dasasya vignaapanam.

1) An All India Seminar had been conducted at Srivilliputhur on Andal on 13th, 14th and 15th August 1983 in which several luminaries of Srivaishnava siddhantham had participated. Sri Ramanuja Vedanta Centre, functioning at 10, South Mada Street, Triplicane, Chennai compiled all the lectures made in the seminar and published a book "Sri Andal Her contribution to Literature, Philosophy, Religion & Arts" which was priced at Rs.40/ (then). The book contains several articles in English and Tamil. All are very interesting and each one analyses Andal in different angles. A sample of the book is available at

In this sample one is written by Sri A. Srinivasaraghavan swamy and the other one is an enchanting Tamil kavithai by Sri So.So.Mee. Sundaram

2) A small book had been released in 1999 showing which nama in Vishnu Sahasranamam describes which Divya Desam. It was a free publication. This informative book may be downloaded from

3) Some time back some member wanted guidance for Paduka Araadhanam. A small booklet on Paduka Araadhanam distributed by "Vainavan Kural" magazine during the time of the 75th Thirunakshathra mahothsavam of prakrutham Srimad Andavan is available at

Some more pdfs will be added tonight and adiyen will inform afterwards.
T. Raguveeradayal

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