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It is said that desires have no bounds. Whatevev er much you get, the mind is not satiated. It wants more. The only thing that can be satisfied 100% is hunger.!!
Why desirfes exist? What is their origin? How to overcome it.
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Desires could arise either due to the accumulated karma vAsanAs or on the basis of the impulses originating afresh from the mind attracted by the indriyas.
As long as there are unfulfilled expectations either in the present or previous births, desires propel one to chase them endlessly.

When the mind is empty, the cravings disappear. The sAdhanA for this is the ashtAnga yoga going upto nirvikalpa samAdhi and so on.

There is another simple and authentic way. If the desires are oriented towards BhagavAn, one can be rest assured that everything will be taken care of by him effortlessly. There should be no other desire except service of the Supreme in prema bhAva. Even if one takes some basic initiative and takes one step forward in this regard, rest would happen by his own boundless grace.