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I think that Sri Narasimhan Swamy did not intend to start a group. Since this thread was containing posts from some individuals he just wanted theopininion of all concerned on his suggestion. I do not think he wanted to limit it to a small group.
There is some thing in what he has stated. If all of us, I mean like minded brahmins ever come together, there may be some effect and people may sit up and take notice. If everyone is involved there may be a day when "Ammiyum Nagaralaam"
This world goes on hope only, let us wait and see whether good sense prevails someday.
Thanks to everyone.
I profusely thank all those who showed some interest in my original post except none other than our bmbc who took it as an offensive towards the forum. ".
. Let me pray to Lord Almighty to save poor brahmins belonging to our community from the onslaught of other communities. The rich amongst out community are wellplaced to protect themselves , and hence they are not bothered about others. As per the old saying i would like to follow the famous quote "மௌனம் கலகம் நாஸ்த்தி instead of worrying myself about poor in our community ..

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