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Thread: சாகுந்தலத்தில் பிரிவாற்றாமை

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    Lightbulb சாகுந்தலத்தில் பிரிவாற்றாமை

    यास्यत्यद्य शकुंतलेति हृदयं संस्पृष्टमुत्कंठया
    कंठ: स्तम्भित बाष्पवृत्तिकलुषः चिन्ताजडं दर्शनम् ।
    वैक्लव्यं मम तावदीदृशमहो स्नेहादरण्यौकसः
    पीड्यन्ते गृहिणः कथं नु तनया विश्लेष दु:खैर्नवैः ॥।

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    The sage Kanva describes his emotions when Sakuntala is being sent to her husband’s place. He says:

    “The very thought of separation from Sakumtala fills my heart with grief. My throat is choked by the tears I try to hold back. My eyes have become inert as I am deep in thought. If this is the depth of sorrow of a forest-dweller like me because of my attachment, then how much will be the mental agony of those householders at the prospect of separation from their newly wed daughters.?”

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