Vacuum Cleaner

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The vacuum cleaner, a modern gadget, is supposed to be a recent invention. In fact Victorians had used a machine, very similar to our vacuum cleaner. In it, bellows were used to suck in the dirt and dust!

Hubert Booth watched a demonstration in which the dust was blown off instead of being sucked in. He tested and decided that sucking in the dust was definitely better than blowing it out. All he needed to introduce was a cloth filter, which will allow the air to go through, but trap the dust and dirt.

Booth’s first practical machine was so huge that it had to be drawn by a horse! He was always having trouble with the police. His long hose became a “noisy-serpent”, terrorizing the horses, which bolted in sheer panic!

But Booth’s pains were not entirely wasted. All the cylindrical vacuum cleaners we have today work on the Booth’s principle!