adien's humble pranams to devreer .
adien has a humble doubt.

Normally horoscope matching is mentioned by elders for marriages .
adien 's doubt is ,"horoscope is influenced by the navagrahas under the control of emperumaan.

1. Should a prapannan believe in horoscope matching which is navagraha oriented ?

2. Is it specified in sAstram about horoscope matching ?

3. Is it recommended to see just if the groom has interest in sathsampradayam and earns decently and have faith in emperumaan when giving one's daughter/son into marriage?

4. Does a prapannan's life gets altered according to the horoscope one selects / or do things happen as gifted to us by emperumaan irrespective of whatever horoscope we choose after marriage?

Kindly help adiyen know,
" Vaachaka dosha kshandavyaha
-adien dasan
B .Anusuya

Note: Answers only given in the sequence of the questions made:

1. Horoscope matching is not instructed by shastras for anybody prapannan or else.
2. No.
3. Is it recommended to see what? If it is again mentioning the horoscope matching, not required.
4. There is no chance of alterations of a birth chart and its phalan in any way, and it is not at all logical.

More clarifications for better understanding:
Prapannan is no way great than any other till he is living in this prakruti (world).
So, he (prapannan) can not avoid or overlook the aspects and effects of Navagrahas,
but a prapannan should be ready to accept and face all the effects of those Navagrahas
without trying to satisfying them by doing some pariharams to escape from those effects.
Instead, he (prapannan) should have 'maha viswasam' at Emperumans krupai, that HE will
never give us any unwanted things (தக்கவையன்றி தகாதவை ஒன்றும் தமக்கிசையார்).

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Prayoga shastra itself is recommending love marriage only but with some conditions.
After completion of the adhyayanam (education) a groom should consult with his 'suhruths' (friends)
about his future, whether to switch to grahastha ashram or sanayasa or vaanaprasta ashram.
If he determined to go for grahastha ashram, then he should travel towards searching of a good and
suitable girl for him.
He should search for a girl out of his same Varnam and should avoid same gothra or pravaram is the main condition to select a girl.
So many lakshanas are listed for a good girl and shastra stress to avoid a girl with some vipareetha lakshana;
but, it says, if a boy is more fond of a girl can overlook these vipareetha lakshna condition and it will not be a barrier to marry that girl.
Here we should have a deep look in to this shastra in two ways:
1. If a boy is having true love with a girl (of vipareetha lakshana) without failing the main condition should be allowed to marry.
2. A girl with vipareetha lakshna can not be entrusted to a boy who is not having true love on her.

Shastra is stressing the parent of a bride to check only seven items while seeking a bridegroom for their girl.
1. Kulam - Samana varnam, Gothram etc according to shastra
2. Seelam - Fame of the boy and his family
3. Sareeram - Boys physical status (whether impotent), diseases etc.
4. Vayasu - Normal age difference
5. Vidhdhai - Educations qualifications
6.Dhanam - Social status - wealth equality
7. Bandhus - Characters of close relations like mother in law, father in law and all other in laws for lawful
activities and merciful mannerisms.
Shastra also adds "nothing has to be scrutinized than the above" which includes horoscope matching.