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I have uploaded Vocabulary Puzzles by John T Molly and Rich Norris. It is in PDF format. Please read what Mr.John has to say about this book

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How This Book’s Organization and Exercises Help You

This book is divided into three sections, each with exercises scientifically designed to give you a larger, more sophisticated, useful, and permanent vocabulary. In Part 1 you not only complete crossword puzzles made up of potential test words, but you also use new vocabulary words in context. In addition, you are instructed to use each word in two sentences and to write unfamiliar vocabulary words three times. Why put so much time and effort into studying words you are convinced you already know? We found that newly acquired vocabulary words effortlessly slip into students’ writing if they use them in context a minimum of a half-dozen times after they think they know them. That is why Part 2 requires that you double your efforts to study words you are convinced you already know. If you don’t do the exercises in Part 2, you should at least recognize most of the new words you studied when you run across them while reading. However, when writing an essay under the pressure of a timed exam—as students are expected to do on standardized tests—most students use only a small percentage of their new vocabulary and rely almost entirely on their instinctive vocabulary. Years of testing and teaching vocabulary for these standardized tests has convinced us that the best way to make a newly acquired vocabulary word instinctive is to use it over and over in context. That is exactly what the exercises in Part 2 force you to do.

Students who complete Part 2 within 90 days of taking the SAT or similar test are
most likely to incorporate their new vocabulary into their writing. Keep in mind this 90-day advantage. If you can arrange to do or review Part 2 just before taking the test, do so; it will help. You also can use the flashcards in Part 3 for this review.
This course is a product of testing and that is why you must follow the instructions in this book exactly. Doing so will give you an edge on standardized tests—in college, in graduate school, and in life.
So, let’s get started!

John T. Molloy
4 Vocabulary

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