Dear Swamin
Dasayasa Vigyapanam

I need your guidance. My mother's tiruvathyanam is on Amavasai 24 Dec 2011 but unfortunately I am unable to return to India before 1 Jan 2012. What is Uthamama - to do it here in a Madhavacraya Sampradayam Sri Venkatakrishnan temple without possibly Brahmanartham( bhojanam )or after I return to India and on what Thithi.

I shall be garteful for your valuable guidance


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Regarding Shradha thithi I can not suggest my own.
There is no suggestion given in shastras for this type of reasons.
But whatever be the reason, a shradham which undone on a proper day
can be done on following Krishna Paksha Ekadasi or Amvasya day.
"pratyabdam pratimAsam cha mrudehani pitru kriyA|
tadaharvismruti prAptau darshevA tatkshaNebhi vA||"
As per this pramana slokam one more option
"Who is having deep regret for not able to do the shradham
can do it at once by doing some kruchracharaNam".
This is the shastram,
you have to decide accordingly.