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    Default Read Ramayana Baala Kaanda - Sarga 19

    Baala Kaanda - Sarga 19

    In the previous Sarga, Viṡwāmitra arrived in Daṡaratha's court and was received with great honor.

    In this Sarga, the Ṛshi Viṡwāmitra asks king Daṡaratha to send his son Rāma along with him to protect his Yaj˝a from the Rākshasas.

    This is one of the most concise Sargas in Rāmāyaṇa. It requires no modifications, before it can be turned into a lesson on 'Proposal Making' for executives, diplomats and sales persons or before it is offered as part of a curriculum in an MBA course.
    தச்ச்ருத்வா ராஜஸிம்ஹஸ்ய வாக்யமத்புதவிஸ்தரம் ।
    ஹ்ருஷ்டரோமா மஹாதேஜா விஸ்வாமித்ரோऽப்யபாஷத ॥
    tacchrutvā rājasiṃhasya vākyamadbhutavistaram ।
    hṛṣṭarōmā mahātējā viṡvāmitrō'bhyabhāṣata ॥
    Hearing those nice, elaborate and acquiescing words
    of the lion among kings (Daṡaratha),
    the supremely radiant Muni had goose bumps and said:

    ஸத்ருஸம் ராஜஸார்தூல தவைதத்புவி நாந்யதா ।
    மஹாகுலப்ரஸூதஸ்ய வஸிஷ்டவ்யபதேஸிந: ॥
    sadṛṡaṃ rājaṡārdūla tavaitadbhuvi nānyathā ।
    mahākulaprasūtasya vasiṣṭhavyapadēṡinaḥ ॥
    There is no wonder you spoke thus, and not unusual,
    considering the great lineage that you are born into
    and considering the able guidance you get from Vasishṭha!
    யத்து மே ஹ்ருத்கதம் வாக்யம் தஸ்ய கார்யஸ்ய நிஸ்சயம் ।
    குருஷ்வ ராஜஸார்தூல பவ ஸத்யப்ரதிஸ்ரவ: ॥
    yattu mē hṛdgataṃ vākyaṃ tasya kāryasya niṡcayam ।
    kuruṣva rājaṡārdūla bhava satyapratiṡravaḥ ॥
    O tiger among kings!
    I hope you will be able to fulfill
    the request that is in my mind
    and do accordingly, without fail!
    அஹம் நியமமாதிஷ்டே ஸித்த்யர்தம் புருஷர்ஷப ।
    தஸ்ய விக்நகரௌ த்வௌ து ராக்ஷஸௌ காமரூபிணௌ ॥
    ahaṃ niyamamātiṣṭhē siddhyarthaṃ puruṣarṣabha ।
    tasya vighnakarau dvau tu rākṣasau kāmarūpiṇau ॥
    O bull among men! I am following
    specific discipline and rigor
    in the pursuit of certain objectives.
    But two Rākshasas, that can change their form at will,
    are causing obstructions.
    வ்ரதே மே பஹுஸஸ்சீர்ணே ஸமாப்த்யாம் ராக்ஷஸாவிமௌ ।
    மாரீசஸ்ச ஸுபாஹுஸ்ச வீர்யவந்தௌ ஸுஸிக்ஷிதௌ ॥
    ஸமாம்ஸருதிரௌகேண வேதிம் தாமப்யவர்ஷதாம் ।
    vratē mē bahuṡaṡcīrṇē samāptyāṃ rākṣasāvimau ।
    mārīcaṡca subāhuṡca vīryavantau suṡikṣitau ॥
    samāṃsarudhiraughēṇa vēdiṃ tāmabhyavarṣatām ।
    As I was drawing to a close of that Vrata,
    two powerful and well trained Rākshasas
    by name Māreecha and Subāhu have
    poured blood and dumped meat on the altar.

    Aṡwamēdha Yaj˝a, performed by kings involves animal sacrifice. Whereas, any presence of blood or meat is considered sacrilegious in the case of Yaj˝as performed by Munis.

    It is my conjecture, that

    1. Yaj˝as done for the sake of material gains (such as by kings) may involve animal sacrifice and pomp, and are performed in the middle of a huge number of attendees.

    2. But Yaj˝as done for the sake of gaining spiritual energies (such as by Munis) are done in an ascetic manner and in the midst of quiet and serene Vanas.
    அவதூதே ததாபூதே தஸ்மிந்நியமநிஸ்சயே ॥
    க்ருதஸ்ரமோ நிருத்ஸாஹஸ்தஸ்மாத்தேஸாதபாக்ரமே ।
    avadhūtē tathābhūtē tasminniyamaniṡcayē ॥
    kṛtaṡramō nirutsāhastasmāddēṡādapākramē ।
    Having my discipline, determination and effort thus spoiled,
    I felt de-motivated and abandoned it and came away.
    ந ச மே க்ரோதமுத்ஸ்ரஷ்டும் புத்திர்பவதி பார்திவ ॥
    ததாபூதா ஹி ஸா சர்யா ந ஸாபஸ்தத்ர முச்யதே ।
    na ca mē krōdhamutsraṣṭuṃ buddhirbhavati pārthiva ॥
    tathābhūtā hi sā caryā na ṡāpastatra mucyatē ।
    I could not even get angry at them, because
    the stipulations of the Vrata, demand calmness.
    Further, I could not even curse them
    because I was in the middle of the Yaj˝a.
    ஸ்வபுத்ரம் ராஜஸார்தூல ராமம் ஸத்யபராக்ரமம் ॥
    காகபக்ஷதரம் ஸூரம் ஜ்யேஷ்டம் மே தாதுமர்ஹஸி ।
    svaputraṃ rājaṡārdūla rāmaṃ satyaparākramam ॥
    kākapakṣadharaṃ ṡūraṃ jyēṣṭhaṃ mē dātumarhasi ।
    O tiger among kings!
    Please give me your eldest son,
    the heroic and truly valorous Rāma
    with beautiful side-locks!
    The reference to beautiful side-locks implies youthfulness!
    ஸக்தோ ஹ்யேஷ மயா குப்தோ திவ்யேந ஸ்வேந தேஜஸா ॥
    ராக்ஷஸா யே விகர்தாரஸ்தேஷாமபி விநாஸநே ।
    ṡaktō hyēṣa mayā guptō divyēna svēna tējasā ॥
    rākṣasā yē vikartārastēṣāmapi vināṡanē ।
    He, with his own divine brilliance
    and acting under my direction and protection,
    will be the right person to destroy those Rākshasas
    that are obstructing my work!
    ஸ்ரேயஸ்சாஸ்மை ப்ரதாஸ்யாமி பஹுரூபம் ந ஸம்ஸய: ॥
    த்ரயாணாமபி லோகாநாம் யேந க்யாதிம் கமிஷ்யதி ।
    ṡrēyaṡcāsmai pradāsyāmi bahurūpaṃ na saṃṡayaḥ ॥
    trayāṇāmapi lōkānāṃ yēna khyātiṃ gamiṣyati ।
    Please be assured that I will bring
    a multitude of great things upon him and that
    his fame will reach the far corners of all three worlds.

    These nine Ṡlōkas (10b-19a) lay out a 9-point template for successful 'proposal making'.

    Viṡwāmitra wants Daṡaratha to send Rāma along with him. This may sound like a simple request. But, if you read through these 9 Ṡlōkas carefully, you will see it as a well-crafted and well delivered proposal.

    This 9 point template for 'proposal making' is very illustrative and can be used by you in any situation.

    For example, let us say you want to request your friend to invest more than half of his retirement savings in your business. (You are like Viṡwāmitra, your friend is like Daṡaratha. The 'retirement savings' are like Rāma).

    Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
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    How do you make your friend part with his 'retirement savings'?

    Follow the 9 points below, as laid out in each of these 9 Ṡlōkas, for maximum effect:

    1. Speak about the returns on investment. (Answer the ĹWhat is in it for me' question!)

    2. Explain how uniquely your friend is positioned for the opportunity and that there is no risk. (Boost the ego of your friend, and trivialize the risk).

    3. Explain that the timing is perfect and everything is falling in place. (Draw attention to the 'timing', and again trivialize the risk).

    4. Calm down knee-jerk apprehensions. ("Don't let small things come in your way. Trust me, everything is well thought out").

    5. Deflect the focus away from yourself and put yourself in good company. ("It is not just me, other eminent people also agree with me").

    6. Shift the focus to him and away from you. ("It is in your long term interest, you should do this").

    7. Deflect the burden of decision making from him to his trusted advisors. ("Check with your confidants").

    8. Give the specifics only after you have raised some comfort level and say, some feel-good words. (Such as: 'of course, it is your hard-earned money').

    9. Mention the urgency ('offer is void if not acted upon within a certain time frame') and turn yourself into a counselor, from being a requester.

    ந ச தௌ ராமமாஸாத்ய ஸக்தௌ ஸ்தாதும் கதஞ்சந ॥
    ந ச தௌ ராகவாதந்யோ ஹந்துமுத்ஸஹதே புமாந் ।
    na ca tau rāmamāsādya ṡaktau sthātuṃ katha˝cana ॥
    na ca tau rāghavādanyō hantumutsahatē pumān ।
    Those two (Rākshasas) cannot stand against Rāma.
    No one other than Rāma, the Prince
    of Raghu Dynasty, can kill them.
    வீர்யோத்ஸிக்தௌ ஹி தௌ பாபௌ காலபாஸவஸம் கதௌ ॥
    ராமஸ்ய ராஜஸார்தூல ந பர்யாப்தௌ மஹாத்மந: ।
    vīryōtsiktau hi tau pāpau kālapāṡavaṡaṃ gatau ॥
    rāmasya rājaṡārdūla na paryāptau mahātmanaḥ ।
    O tiger among kings!
    The end of those two wretched souls,
    that are emboldened by their raw muscle, is near.
    They are no match for the great Rāma.
    ந ச புத்ரக்ருதஸ்நேஹம் கர்துமர்ஹதி பார்திவ ॥
    அஹம் தே ப்ரதிஜாநாமி ஹதௌ தௌ வித்தி ராக்ஷஸௌ ।
    na ca putrakṛtasnēhaṃ kartumarhati pārthiva ॥
    ahaṃ tē pratijānāmi hatau tau viddhi rākṣasau ।
    I hope you will not back out because of your love for Rāma.
    Consider those two Rākshasas as already killed by him.
    And, repose complete faith in my words.
    அஹம் வேத்மி மஹாத்மாநம் ராமம் ஸத்யபராக்ரமம் ॥
    வஸிஷ்டோऽபி மஹாதேஜா யே சேமே தபஸி ஸ்திதா: ।
    ahaṃ vēdmi mahātmānaṃ rāmaṃ satyaparākramam ॥
    vasiṣṭhō'pi mahātējā yē cēmē tapasi sthitāḥ ।
    I am confident about the true capabilities of the great Rāma.
    So do the radiant Vasishṭha and other Munis.
    யதி தே தர்மலாபம் ச யஸஸ்ச பரமம் புவி ॥
    ஸ்திதமிச்சஸி ராஜேந்த்ர ராமம் மே தாதுமர்ஹஸி ।
    yadi tē dharmalābhaṃ ca yaṡaṡca paramaṃ bhuvi ॥
    sthitamicchasi rājēndra rāmaṃ mē dātumarhasi ।
    If you want to further the cause of Dharma and
    if you want to enhance your reputation in this world,
    please do not waver about sending Rāma with me.
    யதி ஹ்யநுஜ்ஞாம் காகுத்ஸ்த தததே தவ மந்த்ரிண: ॥
    வஸிஷ்டப்ரமுகா: ஸர்வே ராகவம் மே விஸர்ஜய ।
    yadi hyanuj˝āṃ kākutstha dadatē tava mantriṇaḥ ॥
    vasiṣṭhapramukhāḥ sarvē rāghavaṃ mē visarjaya ।
    O descendant of Kākutstha!
    Please check with your ministers and Vasishṭha
    and only upon their good advice,
    should you send Rāma with me!
    அபிப்ரேதமஸம்ஸக்தமாத்மஜம் தாதுமர்ஹஸி ॥
    தஸராத்ரம் ஹி யஜ்ஞஸ்ய ராமம் ராஜீவலோசநம் ।
    abhiprētamasaṃsaktamātmajaṃ dātumarhasi ॥
    daṡarātraṃ hi yaj˝asya rāmaṃ rājīvalōcanam ।
    For the duration of the ten nights of the Yaj˝a,
    please send your dearest, shiny lotus eyed Rāma, without delay.
    நாத்யேதி காலோ யஜ்ஞஸ்ய யதாऽயம் மம ராகவ ॥
    ததா குருஷ்வ பத்ரம் தே மா ச ஸோகே மந: க்ருதா: ।
    nātyēti kālō yaj˝asya yathā'yaṃ mama rāghava ॥
    tathā kuruṣva bhadraṃ tē mā ca ṡōkē manaḥ kṛthāḥ ।
    O prince of Raghu dynasty!
    Please act in time for my Yaj˝a.
    Everything will be alright and you
    will not have anything to worry about.
    இத்யேவமுக்த்வா தர்மாத்மா தர்மார்தஸஹிதம் வச: ॥
    விரராம மஹாதேஜா விஸ்வாமித்ரோ மஹாமுநி: ।
    ityēvamuktvā dharmātmā dharmārthasahitaṃ vacaḥ ॥
    virarāma mahātējā viṡvāmitrō mahāmuniḥ ।
    The Dharmātmā, the Muni, the supremely radiant Viṡwāmitra,
    thus stated his legitimate purpose.
    Dharma = legitimate, fair and reasonable. Artha = Purpose.
    ஸ தந்நிஸம்ய ராஜேந்த்ரோ விஸ்வாமித்ரவச: ஸுபம் ॥
    ஸோகமப்யகமத்தீவ்ரம் வ்யஷீதத பயாந்வித: ।
    sa tanniṡamya rājēndrō viṡvāmitravacaḥ ṡubham ॥
    ṡōkamabhyagamattīvraṃ vyaṣīdata bhayānvitaḥ ।
    The good opportunity that Viṡwāmitra laid out
    Did not help that king of kings
    from sinking with grief and fear.
    இதி ஹ்ருதயமநோவிதாரணம் முநிவசநம் தததீவ ஸுஸ்ருவாந் ।
    நரபதிரபவந்மஹாம்ஸ்ததா வ்யதிதமநா: ப்ரசசால சாஸநாத் ॥
    iti hṛdayamanōvidāraṇaṃ munivacanaṃ tadatīva ṡuṡruvān ।
    narapatirabhavanmahāṃstadā vyathitamanāḥ pracacāla cāsanāt ॥
    The words of Viṡwāmitra tore his heart into pieces.
    The mind of the lord of men went out of shape.
    And he almost jumped out of his throne.

    இத்யார்ஷே ஸ்ரீமத்ராமாயணே வால்மீகீயே ஆதிகாவ்யே
    ஸ்ரீமத்பாலகாண்டே ஏகோநவிம்ஸ: ஸர்க: ॥
    ityārṣē ṡrīmadrāmāyaṇē vālmīkīyē ādikāvyē
    ṡrīmadbālakāṇḍē ēkōnaviṃṡaḥ sargaḥ ॥
    Thus concludes the nineteenth Sarga
    in Bāla Kāṇḍa of the glorious Rāmāyaṇa,
    the first ever poem of humankind,
    composed by Vālmeeki.

    We completed reading 684 Ṡlōkas out of ~24,000 Ṡlōkas of Vālmeeki Rāmāyaṇa.
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