an any one tell me why we do Pradakshina as a part of pooja and rituals and around the sanctum of the temple.
adiyen srinivasan

Answer :

THE ATTACHED FILE FROM 1999 is my response to the question on PradakshiNam from THE VEDA MANTRAM –point of view .

Additional Information :

There are many kinds of PradakshiNams : Aatma PradakshiNam , Paadha PradakshiNam , DaNDa
PradakshiNam and Anga PradakshiNam .The latter two are strenous . Paadha PradakshiNam is the clockwise circumambulation around the PrAkArams of the Temple . Anga PradakshiNam is the cirumAmbulation with the full body in a horizontal manner and needs some help from friends or relatives
around the corners of the PrAkAram . In Oppiliappan Koil and Thirumala , it is popular . DaNda PradakshiNam is to take one step during the PradakshiNam followed by DaNDavath PraNAmam to the Lord . The numbers of the PradakshiNam vary . Usually , it is three times and Sri VishNu Sahasra Naamam or sthOtrams can be rcited during the Paadha PradkshiNams /

NamO SrI NrusimhAya,

NamO SrI NrusimhAya,

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