Anima and Animus

It is nature’s law that opposite things must coexist. All human beings have both masculine and feminine energies. Similarly each individual has both the masculine and the feminine part of the Psyche.

The feminine part of a male’s psyche is called The Anima. It is the personification of all the feminine psychological tendencies in a man’s mind.

The masculine part of a female’s psyche is called The Animus. It is the personification of all the masculine psychological tendencies in a woman’s mind.

Human biological and psychological development depends on this mixture of the masculine and feminine energies. Anima and Animus are shaped by relating to and associating with the parent of the opposite sex. A man’s anima is influenced by his mother and a woman’s animus by her father.

Anima and Animus can influence a person in a positive or a negative manner. A man under the influence of positive Anima will show tenderness, patience, consideration and compassion. The negative Anima will be exhibited as vanity, meanness, moodiness and verbal attacks.

A woman with positive Animus will exhibit assertiveness, rationality in thoughts, self control and compassionate strength. The negative Animus will exhibit in strong opinions, ruthlessness, destructive forces, brutality, obstinacy and an uncontrollable urge to make decisions on each and every issue!

Anima and Animus are not bad in themselves but they should be developed properly. To assimilate the effect of Anima, a man must discover his true feelings. To become familiar with Animus, a woman must constantly question her opinions and ideas.

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Anima and Animus must be developed carefully – by the parents, by setting on good examples – lest their children descend to the level of being mere animals!

Visalakshi Ramani