ATMA BODHA - ( A Treatise on the knowledge of Atma )

64 Drusyate Srooyate Yadyat
Brahmano Anyan Na Tat Bhavet
Tathvajnaanaat Cha Tadbrahma
Satchidanandam Advayam
All that is perceived or heard through the sense organs is Brahma only. The Brahma that is non dual and which is in the form of Satchidananda is known only after attaining the knowledge of the Reality.
Whatever exists either in this limited body, mind and intellect or in the outer created world, they are all manifestations of the Brahma and nothing else. When this truth is realised and experienced, one can see the entire universe in which the Brahma revels as satchit Ananda absolute because it is one and only one Ekam Eva Advitiyam Brahma.

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