47) - 2.8: Adhikara Sangraham - Swamy Sri Desikan.

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திருவுடன் வந்த செழுமனிபோல் திருமாலிதய
மருவிடமென்ன மலரடிசூடும்வகைபெருநாங்
கருவுடன் வந்தகடுவினையாற்றில் விழுந்தொழுகா
தருவுடன் ஐந்தறிவார் அருள்செய்ய அமைந்தனரே.

(47) The second Paasuram on UpOdhgAtAdhikAram
There is no more garbha Vaasam after AchArya KatAksham
Our PirAtti arising from the milky ocean chose Her Lord's chest as Her permanent place of residence.
Similarly , the KousthubhA gem taking birth from the same milky ocean reached the Lord's chest and has become His cherished jewelery .
We, the Jeevans having the nithyasoori with KOusthubham as His Sarreram as our
abhimAna dEvathai and have the aquired the privelege to perform eternal service (nithya kaimakryam) to our Lord.
Inspite of this distinction , we get pummeled in the Karma pravAham ( fast flowing river of karma ) and lose the opportunity to perform our nithya kaimakryam to Him.
Our most merciful AchAryAs competent in the jn~Anam about the esoteric meanings of the three rahasyams and arTa panchakam performed upadEsams to us on these rahasyams to lift us up from the turmoil of our karmAs .
No worries for us, after this magnanimous help of our SadAchAryAs.

The key passage of this Paasuram is: " Kadu vinai aaRRil vizhunthu ozhuhAthu aruvudan aindhu aRivAr aruL seya amainthanar".

This is a celebration of the matchless upakAram of our AchAryAs.