(56) 2.17: - Adhikara Sangraham - Swamy Sri Desikan.

நொந்தவரேமுதலாக நுடங்கியனன்னியராய்
வந்தடையும்வகை வன்தகவேந்திவருந்தியநம்
மந்தமிலாதியை அன்பரறிந்தறிவித்தனரே.

Swamy Desikan covers in the 17th SlOkam of AdhikAra Sangraham the qualifications of one (adhikAri) fit to perform Prapatthi yOgam, which is the 56th slOkam of Desika Prabhandham.

56) SarvEswaran is eternally present .

He stands as the origin and cause of this universe.

His grace (aruL) towards us will not diminish even if we commit serious aparAdhams.

He accepts as an excuse (vyAjam) any accidental, small auspicious acts done by us and rushes to give his hand as help to us.

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At the sacred feet of this most merciful Lord, any and every body can perform Prapatthi.

There is no restrictions based on Jaathi or gender as in Bhakthi yOgam.

All are adhikAris , who want to gain freedom from the scorching heat of samsAram.

The only qualification for them to practice this redeeming Prapatthi are:

(1) seeking no other UpAyams

(2) seeking no other fruits


(3) seeking no other Gods (aakinchanyam and ananya gathithvam).