(57) 2.18: - Adhikara Sangraham - Swamy Sri Desikan.

அறிவித்தனரன்பர் ஐயம்பறையுமுபாயமில்லாத்
துறவித்துனியிற் துணையாம்பரனைவரிக்கும்வகை
யுறவித்தனையின்றி யொத்தாரெனநின்றவும்பரைநாம்

57) The UpAyams like Bhakthi Yogam make us doubt whether it would be possible at all for us to practice them because of their rigors.

For us , who recognize that we are incapable of practicing such an upAyam for gaining Moksham and still long for enjoying Moksha sukham,
AchAryAs blessed us with the UpAyam of Prapatthi with its five angams .

In initiating us into Prapatthi yOgam , our AchAryAs had a serious objective for us to recognize the soulabhyam of our Lord and not to go away from Him due to our fear of unfitness to appraoch Him because of His matchless Vaibhavam.

Our AchAryAs removed our temerity and fear to approach Him by instructing us on the ways of performing Prapatthi at the sacred feet of our Lord, SrIman NaarAyaNan to gain Moksham.

Had they not done so,we would have ended up begging our equals like Brahma, Indran and Rudran to banish our samsAric sufferings and being disappointed by approaching a powerless adhikAri.

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Our AchAryAs saved us from such futile attempts through their instructions on the ways to perform Prapatthi .

The key passage of this 57th Paasuram is : " ThuRavit-tuniyil thuNaiyAm Paranai varikkum vahai anbar aRivitthanar".

(Our loving and merciful AchAryAs taught us (who were suffering from samsAric sorrows), the way to perform Prapatthi at the holy feet of the Lord waiting always for us as our protector .