Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. Masi Magham (Magha Pournima) falls on 07-Mar-2012. Magha Pournima is considered to be an auspicious occasion in Hindu religion where Hindus take dip in holy waters such as Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri, etc. Kumbha Mela also falls on the same day, though it comes once in twelve years.

The main purpose of holy dip is two-fold - first to expiate one's sins and the resulting karma accrued thus for and second to seek the blessings of the Lord in the form of holy rivers. In this connection, I am happy to share the following very rare stotras which may perhaps be chanted while you take your dip on the Magha Pournima day. All of them are said to very potent in destroying one's sins and earning the goodwill of the Lord.

1. Ganga Stuti - Kalki Puranam - it is a rare Ganga Stuti sung by Rishis at the altar of Kalki (Vishnu) Bhagavan.
2. Yamuna Stuti - Garga Samhita - it is a short but rare stuti on Yamuna. The language used is a bit tough to follow but quite rhyming.
3. Narmada Stuti - Skanda Puranam - it is one of the several Stutis on Narmada in Skanda Puranam, Reva Khanda. This one is sung by Sage Vyasa.
4. Papa Nashana Stotram - Agni Puranam - this is a short but very potent prayer on Lord Vishnu that beseeches him to forgive all sins and seek his blessings. There are a couple of more such stutis in Vamana Puranam, which I will share in due course.

May we seek the blessings of the Lord and turn a new leaf in our spiritual lives!

With best regards,
K. Muralidharan (Murali)