Mr.Varadarajan and other like minded members::
Ihave been going through all the postings of various members very particularly that of Mr. Soundarrajan. I do not know why Mr.S.Rajan never tried to focusson brahmins matters instead of showing great interest in all other matters. Day-in and day-out our community is undergoing alot of hardships including the evergoing intercaste marriages, eloping with other caste boys and girlsnot to speak about parents themselves encouring such marriages.. Infact I wanted to start adebate on this subject but am not sure how many of our forum members join the debata and take active part in it. I do not want to proceed in the matter unless I a m sure of quite a number of members taking part in it. I now noticed that most of the new members joined very recently in our forum show great interest in our community's culture,past heritage, anmeekamm etc.,Those who are really interested in our community's welfare particularly who oppose intercaste marriages may mention their names under the heading "Joining the debate" .The debate

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