Dear Sriman Vaasu VadhyAr Swamy :

Could you please advise us on the significance of
KaradayAn Nonbu .

I am not sure it is a Vaidhika Karma and
is more like a prayer to Mahaa Lakshmi for
dheerga SoumAngalyam .

Thanks very much.

Karadaiyan Nonbu is a Vaishnavite function for ladies.
We know that any thing comes under the name 'Nonbu' is 'Vradham'
performed by ladies. (I hope that Vradham is not used for ladies
the word Nonbu may be apt one for ladies, e.g. " Paavai Nonbu " )

The brief significance of this Nonbu is:
Requesting sowbhagyam and sowmangalyam for a long term.
The are requesting the Godess Sri Lakshmi (Piraatti) for this
by fasting from early morning without taking even water, by uttering known
slogas and stotras, they will wait for the Sankramanam (meeting point of the
month Maasi and Panguni)
just before the birth of Panguni maasam they will start finishing the nonbu by
doing some Lakshmi pooja and they will offer the bhakshanams and other
things specially prepared for it to Thaayar.

Ladies are doing Nonbu or pooja twice in a year for the long life of gents.
1. At the 'Kanu day' next day to Pongal - they pray for the long life of all
their brothers.
2. At the eve of the month of Masi, they pray for the long life of their

There must be some strong or meaningful (astrological) background for using
specific period for this nonbu. (I try to do research on this before next
But the verbal saying about this is :
" Masi Kayiru Paasi padarum " means, the thread worn in the month of maasi
stay for long time. And hence the Upanayanam also will be done in the month

Now my assumption of the meaning of the term " Karadaiyan " .

Adaiyan stands for 'husband' because " Ampadaiyan " is one of the name for
in brahmins.
" Kar " stands for " Protect " .
Placing the request " Protect (my)- husband " before the Godess Lakshmi, who
bless for Sowmaangalyam (Maangalya devadha).
So, the term " Kar - Adaiyan " nonbu may derived like this.

I don't have any evidence for any of the thing mentioned here, everything is
own assumption using my little common sense.

Kanu is not a Nonbu (Vradham) but a collective prarthana of all blood sisters
and other sisters.
We may think take it as "Raakkie" or "Raksha Bandhan" celebrated by north
South indian ladies or requesting all Jeevas like birds, insects to bless their
brothers should be long live to do the "Pandigai seer" for them for all their
life period.

Now we can ask a question why it should be done on the next day of Pongal? And
why it should be given for birds and insects?

The reason is very simple and silly.
First of all, all our traditional festivals are depending on the seasons and
former products.
So, Pongal festival is celebrated after getting the new rice from fields. In
earlier days, the Pongal seer given to their sisters is also contain some bags
of rice or paddy also.
It is possible for ladies to gather in one place only once in a year. Most of
the people will be happy only in this period due to the family income attained.
So, the pongal day is selected for gathering.

Then on Pongal day, in almost all houses pongal is prepared limitlessly, which
will remain lot after serving much to all.

The balance food materials can be distributed only for birds and insects.
So, they started feeding those jeevas with a slogan "Kakapudi vachen Kanupudi
vechen kaakaiykum kuruvikkum Kalyanam" because eating sweets are possible only
on wedding days?!

This sowbhagyam is made possible by their brothers so they are doing prarthana
for brothers.
This is my guess.