Dasakam: 003 -- Shlokam: 08
प्रभूताधिव्याधिप्रसभचलिते मामकहृदि त्वदीयं तद्रूपं परमसुखचिद्रूपमुदियात् ।उदञ्चद्रोमाञ्चो गलितबहुहर्षाश्रुनिवहो यथा विस्मर्यासं दुरुपशमपीडापरिभवान् ॥८॥
prabhuutaadhivyaadhiprasabhachalite maamakahR^idi
tvadiiyaM tadruupaM paramasukhachidruupamudiyaat |
uda~nchadrOmaa~nchO galitabahuharShaashrunivahO
yathaa vismaryaasaM durupashamapiiDaaparibhavaan ||
O Lord! In my mind, which is now very agitated due to mental and physical afflictions, May Thy divine form embodying the Supreme Bliss envelop my mind and heart socompletely that I am forced to forget all my physical maladies and experience only thethrill of shedding tears of joy in this state.

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