Dasakam: 004 -- Shlokam: 03
तारमन्तरनुचिन्त्य सन्ततं प्राणवायुमभियम्य निर्मला: ।
इन्द्रियाणि विषयादथापहृत्यास्महे भवदुपासनोन्मुखा: ॥३॥
taaramantaranuchintya santataM praaNavaayumabhiyamya nirmalaaH |
indriyaaNi viShayaadathaapahR^ityaa(a)(a)smahe bhavadupaasanOnmukhaaH || 3
O Lord! by regulating my breath through Pranayama and having purified myself I will continuously chant the Pranava (Om) mantra mentally. Thus, withdrawing my senses from the sense objects, and being purified, I will prepare myself for meditation on Thee. When I will succeed in this effort,I can go in for meditation (Dhyana) on your beautiful form.This will ultimately lead me to the experienceof the Bliss of Brahmic Realization (Samadhi).

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