Dasakam: 004 -- Shlokam: 04
अस्फुटे वपुषि ते प्रयत्नतो धारयेम धिषणां मुहुर्मुहु: ।

तेन भक्तिरसमन्तरार्द्रतामुद्वहेम भवदङ्घ्रिचिन्तका ॥४॥
asphuTe vapuShi te prayatnatO dhaarayema dhiShaNaaM muhurmuhuH |
tena bhaktirasamantaraardrataamudvahema bhavadanghrichintakaaH || 4
O Lord! I will then start meditating on Thee. Initially with great effort I shall try to fix my mind on Thy form, which is intangible. But by meditating onThy lotus feet again and again Through repeated effort I shall try to focus my mind on Thy form which I shall try to capture the ecstasy of true devotion. I shall attain bliss of devotion and tenderness of heart.

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