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Dasakam: 004 -- Shlokam: 05
विस्फुटावयवभेदसुन्दरं त्वद्वपु: सुचिरशीलनावशात् ।
अश्रमं मनसि चिन्तयामहे ध्यानयोगनिरतास्त्वदाश्रयाः ॥५॥
visphuTaavayavabhedasundaraM tvadvapuH suchirashiilanaavashaat |
ashramaM manasi chintayaamahe dhyaanayOganirataastvadaashrayaaH ||5
O Lord! I, By intense and repeated effort I shall be able to visualize through my mind's eye the loveliness of each and every limb of Thy divine form and effortlessly meditate on it. So I will devote myself to meditation, without any effort, always surrendering to Thee