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  1. basics of our religion

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenparai Padmanabhan View Post
    In an attachment, I had tried to draw out the basics of visishtadvaita religion as learnt by me from various Acharyas, Preceptors, Gurus and Elders. It is of course Ramanuja / Vedanta Desika based teachings.
    Adiyen, Dasan, Padmanabhan
  2. Doubts About Archanai in Temple, Jiva, Shradham etc.

    Dasan !
    Let me get some of my doubts clarified.
    1. While going to temples, my father used to request the Archakr to
    perform the archanai in the name of the Lord Himself and not in anybody
    else's name. What is the reason behind this ?
    ( I never had the guts to ask him the reason).
    All Jivas who are interested in 'Mukthi' are called 'Mumukshu'.
    As per Srivaishnavism, after 'Samasrayanam' one loses all his
    papham and punyam what he had ...
  3. Intro Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Sathya View Post
    Dear Friends,

    Here is my first post. I am an MCTS certified Professional in .Net 2.0 Web applications, working as an Associate Tech Lead. Willing to share my knowledge on all topics whatever I know. I keep myself updated on the latest technologies in Microsoft.

    You can see my posts here on the following subjects :

    SQL Server
    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  4. Sama Veda Upakarma 2011 - Group ritual at Bangalore

  5. Sama Upakarma 2011- other new source of information


    Dear Murali :

    What a beautiful present ! It is thrilling to hear the Gaayatri Saaman and the Saama VedArambham , which should help
    a lot of Saama Vedhins without access to Saama Veda Brahaspatis in India and abroad . The recording has come well.
    Thank You !

    Thanks also for assembling the Saama Veda UpAkarma kramam from Sri Ahobila Matam write ups ( the 48th ebook of the Sundarasimham ebook series , ) and Dr. ...
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