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The Human Aura

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  • The Human Aura

    Each of us has a glow of colored light surrounding our whole body, called the Human Aura. The glow is invisible to most of us, most of the time. Only very rarely can people register the aura visually.

    The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every object, every organism and every living thing in the Universe. The Human Energy Field (H.E.F) is a collection of electromagnetic energy of different densities, emitted by a living person.

    The H.E.F is oval shaped and is also known as the Auric Egg. It can extend up to 1 meter on all the sides, above the head and also below the feet into the ground. Several colors appear, depending on the different densities.

    The meaning of each color seen in the aura has been defined. Each of the colors has a positive as well as a negative aspect. The exact significance depends on the presence and state of the other colors in the aura.

    A strong red indicates a willful personality. It may signify physical strength, powers of leadership as well as selfishness.

    Green is the colour of nature and healing. It might reveal a deceitful character.

    Orange indicates good health. Strong yellow means intellectual abilities.

    Blue refers to the person’s religious and spiritual states. Deeper the blue, the more enlightened the person is supposed to be.

    Black is the color of evil, malice and misfortunes.

    In 1973, Dr. Lyall Watson suggested that aura is a physical emanation, visible only to persons who are sensitive to low frequency light. This idea lends credibility to the reports of halos and auras seen surrounding the saints and holy men.

    The effect of profound spirituality appears to heighten the normally invisible aura in such a way that, even normal people lacking the special sensitive eyes can see them.

    Aura is a real phenomenon and not just an illusion or imagination!

    Visalakshi Ramani