When Sri Krishna, the most generous and the Almighty Lord thus honored the Gopis by sporting with them, they were elated with pride. They thought that they were superior to all women in the world. Perceiving their arrogance produced by their good fortune and also their great pride, Keshava (Krishna) suddenly disappeared from the spot to curb their pride and to bless them as well. Gopis Suffer Pangs of Separation and Search for Lord Krishna .
At the sudden disappearance of the Lord, the damsels of Vraja (Vrajanganas) became disconsolate. As they were not able to find Him, they were greatly distressed like the she-elephants which miss their leader. Their hearts began to burn in the fire of separation. Their hearts had been so much taken up by the gestures, piercing glances, delightful conversation, sports and frolics and movements of Sri Krishna, that they began to act like Him in a variety of ways. So they imitated His deeds and even called themselves Krishna. "In gait, smiles, looks, way of talking, movement and the like, they all behaved like Sri Krishna. They exhibited in themselves His deportment and graceful activities. They completely identified themselves with Krishna, each one saying to the other, 'I am Krishna.'
"They all sang loudly together His praise and searched for Krishna from forest to forest. They enquired of the trees, the whereabouts of the best of Purushas, who, like ether, is present inside the hearts of all beings and also in the outside world. They said, 'O Asvattha, O Plakshya, O Nyagrodha, have you seen the son of Nanda, who has just disappeared stealing our hearts with His lovely smiles and glances?
'O Kuruvaka, O Asoka, O Naga, O Punnaga, O Champaka! Did Balarama's younger brother, whose very smiles put down the pride of proud women and drive away the anger of offended damsels, go this way? 'O blessed Tulasi, so intensely attached to the feet of Govinda! Did you see thy most beloved Achyuta who always bears thee with the bees on His person? 'O Malati, O Mallika, O Jati, O Juthika! Have you seen Madhava who has gladdened you with the touch of His hands?
'O Chuta (mango tree), O Priyala, O Panasa, O Kovidara Asana, Jambu, Arka, O Asoka, Bilva Bakula, Amra, Rasala, Kadamba, Nipa, O you other trees! You who live for the sake of others and dwell near the banks of the holy Yamuna, tell us where Krishna is, point out to us the way which Krishna has followed. 'O Earth! What great austerity hast thou performed that thou shinest now with thy hair standing on end and enjoyest the joy of being touched by the feet of Keshava? Is thy joy caused by the touch of the Lord's feet at present, or was it caused by the tread of Trivikrama on Thy surface or was it caused by the embrace of the Lord when He had assumed the form of a boar?
'O deer, O friend! Did Achyuta pass this way with His dearest lady giving joy to your eyes with His graceful face and limbs? It seems He did so, because here blows the fragrance of the garland composed of the Kunda flower of Krishna, which has been smeared with the saffron on the bosom of His beloved lady when He had embraced her.

Dasakam: 067 -- Slokam: 01

स्फुरत्परानन्दरसात्मकेन त्वया समासादितभोगलीला: ।
असीममानन्दभरं प्रपन्ना महान्तमापुर्मदमम्बुजाक्ष्य: ॥१॥

The lotus eyed damsels were allowed to participate in the pleasant sport with Thee, the very pure embodied essence of the resplendent supreme bliss. They were immeresed in boundless bliss and so they fell victim to great pride and self importance