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100 Sweets for this Deepavali

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  • 100 Sweets for this Deepavali

    100 Different Sweet Recipes
    Dear Members,
    Recently I have got a Recipe book in which I found Recipes - including ingredients, Method - Picture everything for the following 100 items.
    I do not have time to publish, and also I do not know whether it can be published here without their permission, so, I listed the name of the Sweets here under.
    Kindly send me a personal mail using this forum mail facility for a particular item or complete book in pdf format (for which they have permitted also).
    Members can also post their willingness to get the book as reply to this post.
    1. Fusion Burfi
    2. Milk Cake
    3. Microwave Doodh Peda
    4. Wheat Halwa
    5. Pineapple Rasamalai
    6. Microwave Halwasan
    7. Almond Katli with Pista garnish
    8. Pista Burfi
    9. Apple Peda
    10. Choco Pista Roll
    11. Spoon Halwa
    12. Angel Burfi
    13. Apple Kesari with Nutmeg
    14. Mawa Peda
    15. Besan Ladoo
    16. Jalebi
    17. Shahi Tukre
    18. Mung Dal Halwa
    19. Ravva Laddu
    20. Godhumai Jira
    21. Microwave Dates Fudge
    22. Coconut Burfi
    23. Rasmalai
    24. Coconut Halwa
    25. Kadi/Khadi - 5 Cups Barfi
    26. Ras Malai
    27. Jangri
    28. Microwave-able Sandesh
    29. Suruttai Poli
    30. Rasgulla
    31. Almond Burfi
    32. Kova Billalu
    33. Wheat & Nut Laddoo
    34. Paneer- Mawa-Pistachio Ladoos
    35. Chandrakala
    36. Badam Puri
    37. The Phirni
    38. Chana Dhal Halwa
    39. Payasam
    40. Boondhi Ladoo
    41. Ragi Rava Ladoo
    42. Beetroot Halwa
    43. Puli Pithe
    44. Ukkarai
    45. Baadusha
    46. Varo
    47. Coconut Balls
    48. Adirasam Sweet
    49. Puran Poli
    50. Homemade Doughnuts
    51. Gothambu Paayasam
    52. Mawa Gujiya
    53. Pistachio and White Chocolate Burfi
    54. Kalakand
    55. Mango Coconut Ladoo
    56. Balushahi
    57. Badam Puri
    58. Boondi Laddu
    59. Saffron Paneer Burfi
    60. Rasabali
    61. Saate
    62. Dates Nuts Laddu
    63. Bread Gulab Jamun
    64. Home made Paal Kova
    65. Red Rice Rava Kheer
    66. Jeera Poli
    67. Pineapple Pudding
    68. Kadu ka halwa
    69. Dessicated Coconut Laddu with Condensed Milk
    70. Walnut Halwa
    71. Madhura Seva
    72. Sewayyan
    73. Paneer Peda
    74. Dry Apricot (Kubani) Sweet
    75. Kozhukattai Payasam
    76. MAledi--Chapatti Ladoo
    77. Goduma Rava Kesari
    78. Dry Fruit Baked Karanji
    79. ABC Halwa
    80. Sbiaat
    81. Hala kumbalakayi Halwa
    82. Basbousa
    83. Kalakand style Coconut Barfi
    84. Double ka Meetha
    85. Vermicelli Delight
    86. Coconut Chocolate Macaroons
    87. Strawberry Firni
    88. Carrot Halwa
    89. Rabri Malpuva
    90. Mango kesari
    91. Nutty Fruity Oats Mittai
    92. Choco-Nut Swirls
    93. Basoondi
    94. Sunflower Seeds Sweet Treats
    95. Badam Kheer
    96. Besan Laddoo
    97. Ragi Besan Ladoo
    98. Pal Poli
    99. Bread Halwa
    100. Strawberry Paayasum/Kheer

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    Re: 100 Sweets for this Deepavali

    ஸ்வீட்ஸ்ல இவ்வளவு வஹை இருக்கா படிக்க படிக்க ரொம்ப ஸ்வீட்டாகவும் பிரமிப்பாகவும் இருந்தது பல பெயர்கள் கேட்டதாகவே தெரியவில்லை இந்த புக் எங்க கிடைக்கும்