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Navaratri/Dusserah - powerful Stuti on Mata Chamunda

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  • Navaratri/Dusserah - powerful Stuti on Mata Chamunda

    Dear All,
    Greetings and Namaste. May I wish you all a very happy Navaratri/Dusserah festivities and Pujas. I had hoped to find time to codify a few very hymns but unfortunately unable to. In order not to miss the occasion, I am sending a short, sweet but powerful Stuti on Mata Chamunda By Lord Rudra from Padma Puranam, Srishti Khanda, Chapter 31.

    Navaratri signifies the triumph of right/good/dharma over evil/bad where the Almighty also takes different forms towards this end. This is succinctly explained by Lord Vishnu to Lord Adisesha in Padma Purana in Chyutapuri mahatmya as below (it is a very long conversation running to two chapters).

    ekA shaktish ca shambhor viniyamana-vidhay sA caturdhA vibhinnA |
    krodhe kAlI vijAtA ca samara-samaye sA.abhavat tasya durgA |
    bhoge sRRiShTau niyoge a sakala-jagatAM sA bhavAnI ca jAtA |
    sarveShAM raxaNA.anugraha-karaNa-vidhau tasya viShNur bhavet sA ||

    Meaning : "... That Shakti took four forms to control the universe. In the state of Krodha (anger) she is Kali, Durga the invincible in fights, Bhavani as the one who leads this and for protecting the universe she takes the form of Vishnu...."

    May We Seek The Blessings Of the Almighty Who is Praised In various feminine forms during this festivities.

    Thanks & Regards,
    K. Muralidharan (Murali)

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    Re: Navaratri/Dusserah - powerful Stuti on Mata Chamunda

    Very important , useful and timely post. Thank you Sir