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  • KSrinivasan
    started a topic Shradham after marriage

    Shradham after marriage

    Swamin Dasan Srinivasan Pranams Can the marriage date of son be selected just less than a week before the shradham day? How many days before or af...
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  • sainath1951
    started a topic Oonam Date Wanted

    Oonam Date Wanted

    Sir My mother attained acharyan thiruvadi on 12 th Dec,2013 in Ekadasi thithi, Revathi nakshatram. My Vadhyar toldme to perform 27 th day oonam...
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Facebook+1 for Brahmins (

    Facebook+1 for Brahmins (

    <!-- If you can't see this message properly, then you are unable to see HTML formatted emails. Please change your setting in the control panel to...
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  • Performing srardham at Mutts or other palces

    Dear Swamins Prsent days people are resorting to performing Srardham karyam at mutts and temples due to various reasons. Wish to know this practice i...
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  • Clarification on Performing Shradham

    Dear Swamy, Adiyen Dasan. Have two clarifications on Performing Shradham : 1. Performing shradham on a different day instead of the original thithi....
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  • Download Mahalaya Tarpanam procedures Tamil - Sanskrit

    Mahalaya Tarpanam procedures posted here.
    Use this link to get the Tamil only version:
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  • Cheenu
    started a topic sukruth mahalya tharpanam

    sukruth mahalya tharpanam

    Respected members

    Can somebody guide how to perform sukruth mahalya tharapanam? How is it different from the usual one. This is mentioned...
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  • ச்ராத்தத்தின் ப்ரயோஜனம்

    Dharma shastra surukkam - Page No. 224. Item no. 74. अग्नौ हुतेन द
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  • Is there difference in Anushtanam after Prapatti?

    Request clarification for a question regarding Amavasya tharpanam. ...
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  • Kasi Gaya Visit by flight - More details

    Flight up to : a) Patna - 105 KM to Gaya b) Luknow - 570 KM to Gaya c) Delhi - 1137 KM to Gaya ...
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  • Vijaya varzha complete tarpanam list in tamil


    Can one of you please provide the sankalpam details for vijaya varzham in tamil. It would be helpful if the sankalpams are made...
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  • bmbcAdmin
    started a topic Sarva Amavsai - 9th May 2013

    Sarva Amavsai - 9th May 2013


    About 124 results (0.61 seconds)

    Download Amavasai...
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  • ச்ராத்தம் தர்பணம் பற்றிய விபரங்கள்

    21. அந்ந ஹோமம்

    பித்ரு ஸ்வாமியைப் பார்த்து கேட்கறது.
    உத்திரியதாம் அக்நௌச க்ரியதாம்?
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  • Saligramam
    started a topic Shrardha Niyamam.

    Shrardha Niyamam.

    I perform Annual Shrardham for my parents.
    Our family is "Rig Vedam".
    We are being told more than often by our Vadhiyar that...
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  • NarasimhanS
    started a topic Tharpanam Days

    Tharpanam Days

    Namaskaram. Please list vegetables and items that are acceptable on days of tharpanam, as well as the negative list. I am an Iyengar. Thanks in adv...
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