Prayachitham for Killing insects knowingly or unknowingly

Dharma is different and Dharma sukshnma,and Parama Dharma Sukshma are different

The Kousika who was a Brahmin, who did Penance asks Dharmavyaadha, a butcher, after a lot of conversation between them (Spiritual of course), is it possible to live a life with AHIMSA (Without injuring/causing pain/or killing any other Creatures in life?

Dharmavyadha replied '' NO. It is Impossible for any one to live even an hour without harming or killing some creatures.

He told Kousika, that while we breathe we take in so many thousands of unseen creatures and kill them. While we walk, under our feet so many millions of small creatures die. While we drink a handful of water from a river, we take in several thousand creatures, unseen by us and kill them.

When we plough the land for Cultivation, the plough goes into earth almost 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep and in the process of Ploughing we kill several thousand creatures that live underneath the earth.

KOUSIKA-DHARMAVYAADA UPAAKYAANAM'' in Mahabharata in Aranya Parvam,

Satyam vada (not Vadha)...Speak truth.

''Satyam Bruyaath, Priyam bruuyaath,

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Na bruuyaath Satya mapriyam.''

Speak truth always, speak if that does not demoralize and is not interesting him,
and never speak Satyam that demoralizes or harms more.

While we cook our food, while we boil water, while we use Curd etc, while breathe and walk and talk and drink, we are killing million of microscopic creatures.


We kill lot of harmful bacteria’s while boiling water. If we think it is a sin to kill those bacterias, are we not going against protecting our own life and also against law of nature?

Killing bugs is not a sin. (In the Old Testament.)

In Islam killing harmful insects is not a sin.

Sage Mandavya had to suffer by torturing birds and bees done much earlier and that too when he was a child. Sage Mandavya cursed Dharma Devata to incarnate as Vidura later.

The Story of sage Mandavya is probably the reason for Indian Penal code to exempt crimes committed by Children below the age of 7.

Knowingly or unknowingly causing harm to any living creature is a sin:

Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26.17:

(See Jai Shree Krishna's answer for details)

Persons who tormented the birds, beasts, reptiles, MOSQUITOES, lice, worms and flies like are placed in the hell known as Andhakupa by Godhead and he is attacked by the creatures he tormented during his life.

Explanation Note by Srila Prabhupada on Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26.17:

'Although a tiger is not sinful if he attacks another animal and eats its flesh, if a man with developed consciousness does so, he must be punished. In other words, a HUMAN BEING who DOES NOT USES his DEVELOPED CONSCIOUSNESS but instead acts like an animal surely undergoes punishment in many different hells.

Q.: Why should we not kill any living being?
A.: Killing creates bad impressions on our subconscious mind and as a result of that we become aggressive, irritable and heartless.
Q.: Why should we not kill insects like lice, bugs, scorpions, serpents, rats, mosquitoes etc.?
A.: We create them through our negligence of hygiene and sanitation. By biting us they remind us about maintaining the cleanliness all around as well as within and outside the body. They are thus our teachers. So we should not kill them and at the same time create such condition that they neither born nor do they flourish.

There are even certain monks who sweep the ground in front of them because they do not want to smash an insect as they walk

Then what is the remedy?

The remedy lies in prevention rather than in killing them after they are allowed to attack us.
Keep the surroundings clean so that these types of insects do not bite you.

Actually this how most of Western and European countries maintain the surroundings, one hardly see any filth, any mosquitoes etc.

Sri Vidya C Rajagopalan in one of his brilliant answers in Yahoo says

Hinduism provides prayachit and prayer for taking away the sins unknowingly and knowingly done by doing Nithya Karmanishtanams like Santhyavandanam and VAISWADEVAM and every day.

i) Morning Santhyavandanam;

".... yadraatryaa paapamakaarshham | manasaa vaachaa hastaabhyaam |
padbhyaamudarena shishnaa | raatristadavalumpatu | yatkimcha duritam mayi ....."

'... The sins accumulated during NIGHT by mind, sayings, hands, legs, stomach and sexual organ and other sins if any altogether will be removed by the NIGHT Devata....'

(ii) Evening Santhyavandanam:

"...yadahnaa paapamakaarshham |
manasaa vaachaa hastaabhyaam |
padbhyaamudarena shishnaa | ahastadavalumpatu | yatkincha duritam mayi ....."

'... The sins accumulated during DAY by mind, sayings, hands, legs, stomach and sexual organ and other sins if any altogether will be removed by the DAY Devata....'

(iii) Vaiswadevam:

Bootha Yagnam is Vaisvadevam.

“Vaiswadevasthu karthavyah panchasoonapanutthaye "

Vaiswadevam is done MAINLY for eradicating sins of Prani vadham (killing insects and others).

“Vaiswadevasthu karthavyah panchasoonapanutthaye”

Vaiswadevam is done MAINLY for eradicating sins of Prani vadham (killing insects and others).

We use five impediments to kill insects and plants (plants too have life!). These are

'Pancha suna grahastasya vardante aharaharah sada! Kandinee, Beshinee, Sullee, Jalakumba Upaskaraha!'

1.'Sullee' the fire place, where the food is cooked (2) 'Beshanee', the pestle and grinding stone ( Ammi , Kuzhavi)
(3) Upaskaree, sweeping brush, sieve ( Muram) like things , (4) Kandinee , cutting utensil ( knife or Arivalmanai) and (5) Theerttha Paathram, water vessel .

Cutting utensil is used for cutting plants which has life.

Many insects are victimized by the kitchen fire, intentionally or otherwise. When water is heated many lives are killed.

Grinding stone, mixie like things kill small insects.

'Upaskaram', i.e., the sweeping brush. Many ants and flies are destroyed by this, with its modern counter part, the vacuum cleaner, wet/dry.

Lord Viswadeva is invoked and 22 balis are offered. Only Grahasta with wife can do this Vaiswadevam.

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Source: Yahoo answers and other sites