Eating banana skin can help with 'better sleep and weight loss'

A dietitian has said the peel of the fruit is a good source of fibre and vitamins that can be cooked into baked goods and curries.

Banana eaters traditionally peel off the skin, chuck it in the bin and then devour the soft yellow fruit inside.

But one dietitian has claimed eating banana peel can improve people's sleep, give them healthier skin and also help with weight loss.

Susie Burrell wrote in her blog Shape Me that eating the peel can increase a person's "overall fibre content by at least 10% as a lot of dietary fibre can be found in the skin of a banana".

The Australian dietitian adds: "You will get almost 20% more Vitamin B6 and almost 20% more Vitamin C and you will boost both your potassium and magnesium intake."

The NHS recommends eating foods high in fibre when trying to lose weight, and Vitamin C is known to help with maintaining healthy skin.

Ms Burrell assures her readers she is not telling them to bite down on the "bright yellow banana skin along with the banana".

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She advises people to cook the skin to soften it up and help break some of the cell walls, which in turn will make the nutrients easy to absorb.

Ms Burrell says the skin can be included in recipes for smoothies, baked good and curries.
The dietitian writes that blending the skin into recipes or smoothies is the most practical way to use them, and adds: "Here you will increase the volume and nutritional content of recipes with minimal change to taste and texture of the cooking."

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