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Namaskaram. I am Nandakumar, resident of Chennai. I have a doubt in amavasya tharpnam procedure. I have started doing tharpanam thIs year since my father exprired in 2012. I know all the three ancestors of my father side, but I do not know the names of my maternal ancestors except my grand father & grand mother ( mother's father and mother). Names of my mother's Grand Father & Grand mother, and mother's Great Grand Father & Great Grand Mother are not known. Only their Gothram is known. Since there are no elders in my family I am not able to seek advice. My doubt, is while performing matha vargam manthras what should I say for names. One of my relative says one can perform by saying Sri Krishna & Rukmini and Sri Rama and Seetha as ancestors names. Is it correct if not what should I do. Kindly clarify. I would be grateful if you could clafify this doubt.

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Names bears no meaning in tarpanam because relationship is clearly mentioned which takes precedence to identify them.

When calling our father as appa we will not use his name (children only will used to call like that).

You can substitute your grand father's name to the third position and the perumal name of your mother's native to the second position
which may get 99% correct chance.