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28-07-2012, 01:05 AM
Dear Vasu Vadhyar Swamin
Dasan Srinivasan Pranams
There are different versions regarding Pathu in food items. Which is considered as pathu? I was given to understand that only rice cooked is considered as pathu. But there are opinions that anything that is cooked is pathu. Request kindly clarify what is pathu.

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29-07-2012, 08:49 PM
The second one is correct.

that anything that is cooked is pathu.
But the name pathu is applicable for cooked rice.

03-08-2012, 02:25 PM
As far as I know, only cooked rice is considered as patthu.

04-08-2012, 07:23 PM
According to my understanding any cooked item, which may get spoiled due to lapse of time or contamination is considered "Pathu".
This does not apply to fried items which does not contain rice in any form, though they may get spoiled due to the same reasons. Eg: Rava upma is not Pathu, Arisi Upma is pathu. Very interesting apartheid system ( ofcourse without any supremacy) has been functioning in our kitchen.


05-08-2012, 03:15 PM
You are adding wheat flour, water and salt to make chappathi which is not pathu. But you are adding only more water , wheat flour and salt, to makr wheat dosa which is pathu. only you are adding more water. all others are same as per chappathy.. In the pancha boothas sky,earth, air, fire and water. Everything god, human beings, cattle, retiles,birds, trees are all made up of from these pancha boothaas. only proportion of each varies.

You are adding water in wheat flour for chapathy and more water in wheat flour to make dosa. water proportion increases, and pathu comes which is going away by washing hands with water. Water is having the capacity of removing negativism. So in less water chapathy is satwic food and adding more water it becomes rajasic food which is removed by using water to wash your hands.

All are going in your stomach and got digested absorption, assimilation, going to blood. The next day the chapathy satwic food is making you todo satwik thinking. the wheat dosa makes more rajasic and the onion, garlic, chutney if more it will do thamasic .thinking. From the previous day's food if satwam percentage is more nothing will happen, and if rajasic and thamasic foods are more they will affect your mind in doing thamasic and rajasic thinking.

On those days Ladies were not educated to understand these things. For their easy understanding some 100 years ago people might have informed to them like this. This is my opinion. Now a days ladies are well educated and now we can tell them satwika, rajasic, thamasic, food.

I am telling them that this world consists of pancha boothas. ( sky, earth, water, fire and air) in one particular composition. BY this composition some small amount of negativism is also forming , and to remove this negativism , vedas chanting is the only way and one group of people are requested to chant veda manthras, doing homams, doing big archana, pooja, meditation, pranayamam etc; on all the 18 hours perday on all the years.

They must go to a king, after having finished their studies and will get Agriculture land, cattle, people for helping him . They will get from the king and then they will start doing japams, chanting manthras, doing yagnas, etc; not only for his family but also for the entire world people. trees, animals, etc; The farmers will take care of the agriculture land. There was no worries and this group of people must do yagam,dhyaanam. veda chanting, doing homam ;teaching vedas for students etc:

Now a days in kali yuga no kings. you have to work hard to make both ends meet.

By the heat of the sun water is evaporated and is going as cloud near the sky and again coming back to earth as rain water in the high hills and are coming very forcefully with louds and noises and goes on the earth as a river and mingled along with water in the sea. See while nearing the sea the same river water is flowing calmly.

In the same manner people who are having more births to be taken as per their previous births sins and punyah they will take thamasic food will never hear our words. Those who are having lesser to be taken they will have more time to do naama sangeerthanam, poojas and homas, chanting vedas etc; they will take only satwik food.

do not say pathu now a days . tell them negativism. by washing the hands negativism will go away from you . otherwise it will transfer to to all who are near you . You are having aura 4 feet round all around you and each person is having aura. That aura from you will go to another person:s aura and it will add with their negativism. If the proportion of negativism increases he will become thamasic, and it should not happen like this because of you.

If you want to see your Aura KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPH is now available. you can see your aura in the photography, Now a days aura is not an imaginary one. Ladies on their "periods" the uterus is being washed and cleaned. Body is secreting cleaning liquid at that time and along with blood it removes the waste materials from the uterus.

Negativism is increased at that time only and they should not come near anybody because from their 4feet aura it will reach another persons 4 feet aura. That is why on those days ladies on their periods time were requested to be away 8 feet only not to get negativism from them.

We have to try hard to go back to brahmam as the water by sun's heat went to sky and coming back to sea again. only we two legged animals can do yoga, meditation, nama sangeerthanam, chantinting vedas, slokams, sahasranamams etc; along with DAYA, SHANTH,ANASUYA,SOUCHAM,ANAYASAM,MANGALAM,AKARPANYAMASPRAHA,SATHYAM AND AHIMSA.

09-01-2013, 03:01 AM
Sri.Srinivasan Sir

Already Great Answers are given; i just want to add a few more to that.


Hygiene is perhaps the other name for Pathu

Normally it is a good hygienic practice to wash hand before and after touching food - ensuring good health & cleanliness.
No one likes touch the food and leave hands unwashed because food on our
hands invites spores of bacteria and fungus from air to come & live on our hands.

It appears to be a mandatory hygienic practice richly observed among majority of Hindu Brahmins
It is a kind of table manners taught to us, by our elders. "Pathu" is actually "Patru" meaning hold or stick as cooked items like Rice, Sambar are likely to stick to our fingers.

Cooked items are usually not mixed with uncooked items like curd, milk, salt, water, oil etc. It is a sort of safe guard against mixing items which may ultimately spoil the cooked food.

Brahmin Usually clean the Table or Floor just after eating, it is only for Hygiene and if you do not immediately clean that place, ants, flies will sit on it and may spread diseases.

09-01-2013, 10:04 PM
Thanks for the wonderful clarifications