View Full Version : Is Astrolgy Services Right At All?

Aditi Rao
15-03-2017, 05:53 PM
Astrologer says I will never become an Entrepreneur .
Should I believe in astrology service or doing strong determination and hardwork can beat it?

15-03-2017, 08:41 PM
Forget it, ignore it.
Definitely you will beat it.

My real story for you:

In 1996 The same day 13th March by 10.30 pm I fell down unconsciously, taken to hospital.
By 1.45 am (March 14th) hospital declared all monitors become silent and I was dying and asked to inform all near and dears.
With the suggestion of a doctor they put one injunction as a last chance.
By miracle by 3.40 am all monitors were showing readings normal!
Next morning transferred to normal bed.

This is not the information for you.

After two days the hospital (doctor) said, we could not find out the reason, so wait for another two days to find it out.
But well wishers(?!) said, the hospital is trying to cheat you and wish to claim more fees by dragging, so, we voluntarily
got the discharge and went to home. The same day midnight I was not able to sleep and getting lot of pains and physical sufferings.

Next day we felt some guilty feeling to approach the same hospital, now a well known astrologer came and we narrated the things to him
he suggested, "You should not go to that hospital again, if you go, you will not return alive", so now our mental pain became double
so, we went to a rich person (who was one my vaideeka client) to decide further also telling everything including the astrologers statement.

He took us to a Russian consultant, there that doctor scolded us, also he added
"Who is that idiot doctor discharged you in this condition, go to that hospital immediately and continue the treatment",
the rich man told the astrologer's caution but he shouted on us instead.
So, we again went to that same hospital same doctor and surrendered him to continue the treatment
next day it was found as "lungs pneumonia" and after that still now I am alive.

So, I do not blame astrology, I believe astrology but not astrologers.
All the best and best wishes.