View Full Version : Nityashree and Sowmya in Thyagaraja Festival at Music Academy.

05-02-2013, 08:14 AM
Yesterday (3.2.2013) I got a message from my cousin, which I wish to share hereunder:

"Nityashree and Sowmya render soulful music on Saint Thyagaraja At Academy"

"I had the opportunity of attending the performance on 3rd evening of the both the renowned artists
at the Music Academy on the Occasion of one day Thyagaraja festival. The hall was jam packed
because Nityshree sang for the first time after personal tragedy. It was pure and devout rendering
of selected songs. Nityashree was in a simple dress. It was great day to see her revival so quickly
and many were moved. "

Let us hope and pray that good things follow to her from now on.