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In the marriage ceremonies VRATHAM is an important ritual to be performed by both the parents of Bride and Bridegroom.

The marriage ceremonies begin with vratham performed separately by the bride and the groom. For the bride, it means the tying of the kappu, the holy thread on her wrists, which is meant to ward off all evil sprits. It symbolizes a kind of protective armor for the bride.

For the groom vratham begins with invocations involving the Gods Indra, Soma, Chandra and Agni. From thereon the groom prepares himself for a new chapter in his life as a householder or grihasta. The days of his bachelorhood or brahmacharya are over now. The acceptance of his is all what the vratham is about.
Ceremony observed to obtain blessings from departed elders. This ceremony is performed separately for the bride and groom at the marriage venue. The rituals followed for the groom are far more elaborate than those for the bride. Sacred yellow thread is tied on the wrists of the bride and groom and they are not permitted to leave the marriage venue. The 'palika' ceremony (sprinkling of nine varieties of grains) for the prosperity of the couple's new life together is conducted simultaneously with the 'vratham'. To culminate the function, an 'aarthi' is performed.

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....The acceptance of his is all what the vratham is about.
What you mean for this?!
Also, Vradham ritual is not belong to marriage!!
I request you to do not put your guess in public forum.